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Curious SC needs your help y’all: Where’s the best fried chicken in the state?

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Fried chicken: A Southern delicacy that many enjoy and debate over.

Even when it comes to which chicken chain is best, people argue over Popeye’s, KFC, Bojangles, Church’s, Chick-fil-A, among others.

But when you’re in the South, it’s best to find a local fried chicken spot. That’s where the best can be found.

Last year, Thrillist named Charleston’s Martha Lou’s Kitchen as one of the best fried chicken restaurants in America and the best spot in South Carolina.

But what about the three other corners of the Palmetto State?

Could the Upstate — Greenville, Spartanburg, Rock Hill — have the best spot?

Or is there a hidden gem in Myrtle Beach nobody knows about?

With Hilton Head, Bluffton and Beaufort so close to the Hostess City of Savannah, did they learn a trick or two?

We want to hear who you think has the best fried chicken. We’ll even hear you out if you have a case for some of the most popular chain chicken places in the state.

Let us know whose fried chicken has the best spice and batter by filling out the form below, or e-mailing

Briana Saunders answers questions about culture, food, and the environment as the Curious S.C. Reporter for McClatchy’s newspapers. She moved to the Lowcountry after studying Journalism at the University of Missouri, where she led a team reporting the arts and culture of Columbia, Mo. at VOX Magazine.