What can you take with you on your Thanksgiving flight? Hint: Leave the bear spray in SC

If you’re flying this holiday season, you had better make sure you can bring your presents, leftovers and ... skeleton onto the plane.

TSA posted a quick guide to flying this Thanksgiving, including a list of items you can bring with you.

There are some interesting items on TSA’s list that you can or can’t travel with. For example, an artificial skeleton for your school project is alright, but bear spray is not allowed at all.

The good news for the holidays: Whether you’re bringing your already-prepared dish or ingredients for Grandma’s pecan pie, most food and drinks can go on the plane.

Yes, even in your carry-on bag.

You also can bring your pots and pans with you, but cast iron skillets have to be in your checked luggage.

Here are some other key, and strange, items you can bring with you on the plane:

What you CAN take:

Alcohol (Can be in a carry-on if it’s less than 3.4 ounces. If it’s more than 24 percent but less than 70 percent, it has to be checked. You can have up to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) in your luggage. Can’t be over 140 proof.)


Artificial skeletons (Both in carry-on and checked luggage)

Axe or hatchet (Checked bag only)


Bows and arrows (Checked bag only)

Car parts (As long as they don’t have fuel or traces of fuel. If checked, they must be in original packaging)

Christmas lights

Fishing pole

Food (As long as it’s packaged with ice, ice packs in a cooler, or in a container with no melted ice or liquids)

  • Creamy cheese

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Fresh meat and seafood

  • Frozen food

  • Gravy (If in a carry-on, it must be less than 3.4 oz)

  • Live lobster (Checked bag only)

  • Soup

  • Cooked meat, seafood and vegetables. (You can bring in a carry-on, but it must fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat.)

Tea kettle

There are specific rules and instructions for a few items, so be sure to call your airline ahead of time to double-check their rules if you have an unusual item.