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The climb to glory

“I wish my wife could have seen this,” said 2nd Lt. Euel Akins of Statesboro, Georgia. A Joint Forces Color Guard had just presented arms to him, a member of Pershing’s Own had bugled “Taps,” and three generals and an admiral had shaken his hand. Euel Akins is 98 years old. He was the only World War II veteran among the 27 war vets aboard Honor Flight Savannah’s recent tour of Washington, D.C. Euel wasn’t a 2nd lieutenant when he climbed the rock face of Italy’s Mount Belvedere – in the dark. Back then, in 1945, he was a private. And scared.

Letters to the Editor

There’s a better way for us to vote

As I helped a widow transfer a half million dollars to and from a New York bank account Thursday online from her hospital bed, I wondered how difficult could it be to transfer our vote online. Any self-respecting Russian or Nigerian ought to be more interested in hacking the trillions of dollars that are transferred online daily than my vote.

Letters to the Editor

They claim this as victory?

Many years ago, I attended my one and only Jai Alai match in Florida. I remember my brother-in-law proclaiming that our team won. He then proceeded to the window to cash in our winning tickets. Strangely, I don’t not remember receiving any payout that night, but I do remember being very confused by rules of the game.

Letters to the Editor

Letters: Beaufort County took my vote away

I wish I could have voted for governor of my new home state. I wish I could have voted for representative, for County Council, for sheriff, for school board. But I could not, and would not, stand in line for three hours with no places to sit and rest, no water, no bathroom facilities, with it being hot and muggy and full of bugs.

Hilton Head resident sings a spiritual gospel days before her 100th birthday

Ethel Rivers a resident of Hilton Head Island, S.C. turns 100 on Oct. 16, 2018.