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Beaufort County needs more public tennis facilities

The roots of tennis in South Carolina run deep. The names and contributions of those who have invested in this sport on South Carolina’s coast are too numerous to mention. And it goes without saying that the Lowcountry is a mecca for anyone interested in playing or watching tennis. For years, the best players and coaches have passed this way, and this international tourist destination is better for it.

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Hilton Head USCB campus needs dorms

Is there a plan to build dorms for students at the USCB campus on Hilton Head Island? That would allow students to work on the island. A co-op program would help many lower-income students to work and pay their way to a degree. Not having dorms as part of the original plan was very short-sighted by those involved.

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How the Lowcountry learned to love immigrants

Like more than 40 percent of South Carolinians, I wasn’t born here: I grew up in rural New York, served aboard a Navy destroyer during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and had a long career as a U.S. Customs agent and public health analyst with the Department of Health and Human Services. Now, I’m a retiree, enjoying the sun and low taxes here in South Carolina’s Lowcountry — and thanks to people like me, our state’s population is growing and our economy is booming.

Hilton Head resident sings a spiritual gospel days before her 100th birthday

Ethel Rivers a resident of Hilton Head Island, S.C. turns 100 on Oct. 16, 2018.