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Top 10 Heritage Fashion Trends: What rocked the Hilton Head golf course in 2018?

After a week of golf, drinking and socializing, Hilton Head Island's biggest event of the year, the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament, is finally finished.

But the tournament isn't just known for the golf. It's also something like the Coachella of South Carolina; everyone dresses to impress.

We're taking you beyond the obvious trends — rompers and white jeans, we're looking at you — to feature 2018's top fashion trends at Heritage.

(Plus, we've already got a whole roundup of rompers, which you can check out here.)

Here are the top 10 trends at the Harbour Town Golf Links in 2018.

1. Big Sleeves

Any outfit can be jazzed up with big sleeves, whether they're ruffled, puffed or embroidered.

Olivia King, from Charleston, wore a lavender mini dress from Free People with embroidered feathers its puff sleeves. Kasia Kovacs

A lifelong Hilton Head vacationer, Kristen Fazio visited from New Jersey and wore white jeans and a Club Monaco gingham shirt with puff sleeves. Kasia Kovacs

Kim Seaglund shows of her dress with blue stripes and big ruffled sleeves. Kasia Kovacs

2. Bright Colors

There's nothing like wearing bright, happy colors to invite springtime.

Elizabeth Sasser, from Greenville, donned a bright orange romper. Kasia Kovacs

Nikki Martin's dress was a bright yellow — the color of springtime and sunshine. Kasia Kovacs

Alexis Grantham showed offer her neon pink romper, which set her apart in a sea of pastels. Kasia Kovacs

3. Comfortable Footwear

Heritage is all about walking. And golf. But mostly walking. That's why several women opted to wear sneakers or other comfy shoes over those six-inch heels.

This may only be Charleston’s Charlotte Moore first Heritage, but she knew comfortable shoes were best for a day of walking. Kasia Kovacs

Renee Pierrey wore an off-the-shoulder top and body glitter, and she finished her ensemble in comfy sneakers. Kasia Kovacs

Ella Alsko, a sophomore at Hilton Head Preparatory School, paired her bright pink dress with rain boots on Sunday in preparation for possible thunderstorms. Kasia Kovacs

4. Floppy Hats

It may only have been mid-April, but the South Carolina sun is already unforgiving. Floppy hats worked as fashionable shields from the sun's harsh rays.

Sherry Crawley Schnackenberg bought her floppy hat from Etsy. Kasia Kovacs

Hilton Head native Maggie Ennis had to improvise for her outfit, and she decided to go all black — including her hat. Kasia Kovacs

T.J. Odom wanted to wear something breezy. She chose this hat to match her little white dress. Kasia Kovacs

5. Maxi Dresses

These ground-grazing dresses are a Heritage classic. Not only are they as pretty as clothing comes, they protect legs from sunburns and strong winds.

Taylar Buck bought her flowy dress from a boutique in St. Augustine, Fla. Kasia Kovacs

Taylar Buck bought this long and flowy maxi dress from a boutique in St. Augustine, Fla. Kasia Kovacs

Hilton Head local Morgan Catalano wore a maxi dress with pockets, the perfect place to store extra cans of beer. Kasia Kovacs

6. Patterned Pants

Several women embraced pants this year over dresses, skirts, shorts or rompers. The most unique pants on the golf course were adorned with patterns.

Tina Stofanikova, who's originally from Slovakia but now lives in Florida, paired her pink polka-dotted culottes with a pink cap. Kasia Kovacs

Tammy Randolph loves the color of these blue and pink pants. Kasia Kovacs

Rodney McDonald wears Loudmouth to Heritage every year. Here's his pick for Saturday. Kasia Kovacs

6.5 Don't forget the men!

How could we possibly skip the fashion trends for men? The truth is, we couldn't!

The biggest trend for men at Heritage this year was patterned pants — especially pants from Loudmouth Golf. The company's designs range from campy to just plain fun, and they're worn by golfer John Daly. Not a bad endorsement.

Paul Batt II chose an island theme for his Loudmouth shorts. Kasia Kovacs

Rodney McDonald wears Loudmouth to Heritage every year. Here's his pick for Saturday. Kasia Kovacs

David Wilson's Loudmouth pants are patterned with... yes, you guessed it. Cartoon kittens. Kasia Kovacs

7. Plaid

The Heritage tournament's theme this year was "Get your plaid on," and several spectators did, indeed, get their plaid on.

Melody Chen of Chicago once wore this plaid skirt to a costume party, and she was glad to dig it out again for Heritage. Kasia Kovacs

Savannah's Emily Allaun had her dress custom made by a woman in Scotland. Kasia Kovacs

Hilton Head native Pam White's wrapped a ribbon around her floppy hat for a touch of plaid. Kasia Kovacs

8. Striped Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a variation of rompers — the pants are either full-length or carpi-length, unlike rompers, which are shorts. Striped jumpsuits were everywhere at Heritage this year, many of them made in a light seersucker material.

From left: Kristein Whittaker, who traveled to Hilton Head from Charlotte, wears a jumpsuit in blue stripes; Ellery Newcomer preferred red stripes for her jumpsuit; Madi Palermo's jumpsuit almost didn't make to heritage, but luckily her husband sewed up the hole in the jumpsuit's bottom. Kasia Kovacs Ashley Jean Reese

9. White Dresses

Heritage was two weeks after Easter, which means that several women raided their wardrobes for light and airy white dresses.

Anna Bensch Garrett describes her white linen dress as "southern and simple." Kasia Kovacs

Marjorie Davis got her white and gold Lilly Pulitzer dress from Rent the Runway. Kasia Kovacs

Katy Pennell, wearing the white flowy mini-dress, poses with her friend Samantha Gramke. Kasia Kovacs

10. Lilly Pulitzer

Okay, we said we'd avoid the typical trends. But we made an exception for Lilly Pulitzer; after all, there's no Heritage without Lilly. She's a staple every year, and we simply couldn't leave her out of this fashion roundup.

From left: Alessandra Pizzorni, from Atlanta, thought it best to dress in a Lilly Pulitzer coordinated two-piece — "I wanted to 'dress golf,' rain or shine," Pizzorni said; Ashley Campbell paired her bright Lilly Pulitzer skirt with a simple white top; A neon Lilly Pulitzer romper with a long zipper makes using the ladies' room a bit easier. Kasia Kovacs Ashley Jean Reese

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