Wina Sturgeon: Tune your bike for smoother spring rides

With the warming weather, a bike ride is a pleasant way to welcome late spring. But hopefully, you don't just grab your bike and go. Even though it may have been tuned before you stored it away for winter, essential lubrication may have hardened, so cables won't slide as easily. Your chain may have stretched a little while stored, so you might not have the precision handling you were used to last fall.


New breed of mountain bike is here with wider tires

While manufacturers of road bikes continue in the quest to get lighter and lighter, that's not the case with mountain bikes. In fact, fat is all the rage when it comes to the off-road machines. Fat-tire bikes, with tires as wide as four inches and more, are designed to be ridden through the snow and really sloppy terrain. The newest grouping of mountain bikes features tires a step below those behemoths, but wider than traditional tires. Why the emphasis on the big wheels? The larger tires need less air pressure, which provides better cushioning on the trail. They also create more contact with the ground, giving you better traction while climbing, cornering and descending.


The best time to work out revealed

Astronomer and physician Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides, wrote, the general rule is that the best time to exercise is at the beginning of the day, after waking up and before eating. He also says that it is proper to eat only after moderate exercise.

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Seven easy fitness habits to adopt in your 20s

Something I've noticed now that I'm no longer in my early 20s is that having zero workout routine is not so cute anymore. Exercising regularly is a sign of responsibility – an indication that leading a long, healthy, well-adjusted life is important to you. I'd like to think these things are important to me, too.


Wina Sturgeon: Mentally train to physically produce

The snow has melted and the lifts at most resorts have already shut down. Many athletes have already started training for summer competitions. But as you train for the endurance sports of summer – running, biking, cycling, even just walking at a brisk pace – there is another kind of training that is just as important as physical workouts. It's the mental training that happens to be vital to victory. Unless your mind is ready for the podium, you will find it hard to place in the top three. So let's start with the barriers to athletic success.


How to find the right gym for you

Joining a health club may be one of the best ways to get the results you're looking for, but joining the wrong one still remains one of the best ways to waste your hard-earned dough. With more and more clubs springing up with dollar-saving offers that seem a little too good to be true, it makes it hard to know which one's up your alley. Or which one is perfectly matched to meet your personal exercise and fitness goals.


Four benefits of spin class that go beyond stronger legs

Spin class has been around since the early '90s, but as of late, the hard-core workout has developed something of a cult following. So why is everyone raving about biking in place? It turns out, like most exercises, Spinning is really, really good for you. To learn the many health benefits of spin class, we reached out to Annabelle Torgman, instructor at Flywheel, who shared the reasons we should add indoor cycling to our workout routines.


Four workouts that didn't work

It's no secret that we've all tried a crazy workout or two. As beauty editors, we're in touch with the latest fitness trends and attend classes for research all the time. Often, we fall in love with it and continue to integrate the class into our regular lives. But every so often – even when we try our very hardest – we just can't get into it. Or, something that works for a friend or colleague just doesn't yield the same results for us. Because I know what I like (yoga) and what I don't (choreographed dancing), I assumed my fellow Byrdie editors would have similar success stories, and a few fitness failures as well.


Capt. Alan Jackson on the joys of salt water fly fishing

Alan Jackson, a catch and release fly fishing instructor and guide from Hilton Head Island, was giving fly fishing casting clinics to attendees of the Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center's Boat and Fishing Show on April, 2, 2017. Here, he talks about the joys of salt water fly fishing.
Jay Karr Staff video
Capt. Alan Jackson on the joys of salt water fly fishing 1:26

Capt. Alan Jackson on the joys of salt water fly fishing

All about that bass - Hardeeville Bass Fishing Tournament a success 3:55

All about that bass - Hardeeville Bass Fishing Tournament a success

Experience the quiet beauty of the Old Santee Canal 0:38

Experience the quiet beauty of the Old Santee Canal

Huntsman talks to the hounds ... and they speak back 1:55

Huntsman talks to the hounds ... and they speak back