Fat tire bikes may look silly, but they’re fun to ride in winter and summer months

When you see someone riding a fat tire bike, it's hard not to do a double take. The cartoonishly large tires look so out of place on a standard bike frame that you have to think someone is pulling a prank. Yet these bikes that were initially designed for riding through the snow have become, while perhaps not yet familiar, certainly visible on trails year-round in most parts of the country. Why? They're just fun to ride, whether in snow or on the rough trails in the summer months. You get more traction and grip over rough terrain without giving up much in efficiency.


When traveling for your next adventure, a cargo basket might be exactly what your car needs

For most of us, getting outdoors to enjoy our favorite trail, lake, or forest takes a bit of work. It means loading up the car with all of our bikes, kayaks, tents, coolers and other gear we need to make the most of our time outside. Getting it all to fit can be an issue, which is why Yakima's new SkinnyWarrior cargo basket is a welcome addition to its gear-hauling lineup. The basket is an excellent option for bike helmets, backpacks, coolers, wetsuits – anything that's either too bulky (or too dirty) to fit inside the car. Yet it's narrow enough that you still have enough roof space to fit a kayak, stand-up paddleboard or a couple of bikes on top of the car.


Can’t get to the slopes on a snow day? Go sledding and cross-country skiing in your own neighborhood

Complain all you want about how Seattleites can't drive in the snow, 2 inches is a pathetic reason to call off work or school, this isn't how it works in the Northeast or the Midwest. For those of us who grew up on the West Coast dreaming of Hans Brinker-esque winters and getting them once a year if we were lucky, a snow day is a rare, welcome disruption from the bleak, persistent darkness of winter in the Northwest.

Watch crews digging a tunnel for a Beaufort recreational trail

A tunnel is being built for the Spanish Moss Trail at the entrance of a new hotel being built in Beaufort. Watch the progress of construction on April 26, 2018.