Trail running shorts may sound specialized, but offer several benefits

Sometimes the specialization of sports gear can get a bit much. And when you first hear the term, "trail running shorts," you might wonder – what's wrong with my regular running shorts? Of course, there's nothing wrong with them. However, the lightweight fabric that provides a perfectly fine cover for all your road runs can be easily ripped by an errant branch on the trail. So if you spend much time off-road it makes sense to at least have a pair or two of shorts that fit a bit tighter and stand up to more rugged use. The Mammut MTR 71 shorts are just what you need.


Spencer McKee: How dirty are the hot springs in Colorado?

Visiting hot springs seems to be a growing trend in Colorado – whether it's a spa-style hot spring with a booze-filled concession stand or one that means an 8-mile hike over rugged terrain. While everyone is so eager to hop in the relaxing pools, few people seem to question whether or not they're sanitary. Here's a look at how hot springs work and whether or not the water could be considered "clean."


The difference between class ratings on hiking trails

Every hiking and climbing route has a difficulty rating associated with it. It's crucial to understand what these ratings mean in order to be safe on the trail and plan accordingly for your adventure. In this article, the key focus will apply to Colorado's fourteeners, though the information holds true for most trails.


Wina Sturgeon: Tips from a pro: How to get better results on your road bike

The Tour of Utah has been called "America's toughest stage race." Taking place from Aug. 6 to Aug. 12, it's one week of riding up and down hills that are more properly called mountains; riding past resort lifts on narrow mountain roads, handlebar to handlebar, wheel to wheel in the peloton, which this year numbers over 120 riders, both men and women.


Woman cyclist aims for men’s world speed record

It's been 23 years since anyone has attempted to break the world's paced bicycle speed record of 167 miles an hour. But if the skies are fair and the body's willing, Denise Mueller-Korenek hopes to smash that record Sept. 15 on a dry riverbed in Utah.


The guide to responsible camping in Colorado

Camping in Colorado is a blast. It's the best way to get up-close to the wild environment that makes the Centennial State so special. That being said, following best practices of camping responsibly is key to having an experience that's both enjoyable and safe for often fragile environments. Here are a few guidelines to make sure that you're camping in the smartest, safest way possible.


Tenkara Hane Rod easy to transport if you want to fish on a backpacking trip

When you're backpacking or camping, it's always fun to spend some time relaxing on the water trying to reel in a fish. What's not fun trying to pack a traditional rod and reel with all your other gear. It's an awkward shape that's easy to break – and that hook always seems to a snag on your expensive tent or sleeping bag. The Tenkara Hane Rod is a great alternative. When collapsed, the rod measures just 15 inches long and weighs a mere 3.5 ounces. You can attach it to your backpack, and you'll hardly know it's there.

Watch crews digging a tunnel for a Beaufort recreational trail

A tunnel is being built for the Spanish Moss Trail at the entrance of a new hotel being built in Beaufort. Watch the progress of construction on April 26, 2018.