Polar commands respect from serious athletes with new Vantage V smartwatch

Two decades ago, when heart-rate monitors were starting to show up on the wrists of serious athletes, Polar was what was worn. Back then, you needed a chest strap, and the functions on the watch were pretty basic, but when compared to the alternative of holding two fingers to your throat, they were pretty impressive. Now there's a crowded field of smartwatches with heart-rate monitors, but Polar is still commanding the respect of serious athletes. The new Vantage V features the most accurate optical heart-rate monitor that the company has produced, and the number of functions in the sleek and comfortable watch is astounding.


The not-hot springs in Colorado’s Eldorado Canyon

Though famously experienced hot, the mineral waters deep underground aren't all felt that way above the surface. While Coloradans love their soaking in winter, northern Front Range dwellers have a natural artesian spring to thank for a refreshing pool that has been widely popular in summers since July 4, 1905. The curative qualities exist, but the heat does not.


How to avoid impending doom on the slopes

You and those with you had a wonderful day on the mountain. The snow was great and the sun was shining. You were filled with the joy that comes with snowriding – until you got back to your vehicle and realized your keys were missing.


Smartwool’s base layer is a great option when hitting the slopes

You do know the difference between being comfortable or miserable in the cold? A good wool base layer. If that sounds overly simplistic, you probably aren't taking advantage of the incredible insulating properties of wool when braving the winter weather. Smartwool's Merino 150 Base Layer – available for both men and women in bottoms, long-sleeve, and short-sleeve tops – is an excellent option whether you're planning a day on the slopes or just want to stay warm while shoveling the sidewalk. Made of 87 percent Merino wool and 13 percent nylon, the fabric offers a smooth next-to-skin feel while still retaining wool's insulation.


31 days of fitness? Never again, says the writer who tried it

It began as an office health initiative – "The 31-Day Wellness Challenge" tasked participants with exercising for 30 minutes daily for a month, with extra points for trying new activities. I had planned to participate quietly on my own, but after an ill-advised glass of wine (or three), I posted about the fitness challenge on Instagram. That did it. Now I was locked in by social-media accountability (the worst kind).


Wina Sturgeon: Utah is the place to be for snowriders

This fall it's like old times in Utah, in the best possible way. Unlike the five or six past years, Utah's snow resorts haven't had to wait until January for storms to roll in while spending millions of dollars on snowmaking just to be able to open (which often adds a hike to the following year's lift ticket and season pass prices). Two enormous storms in just the past few weeks have coated the mountain resorts with about 30 inches of snow, with (as of this writing) three more storms scheduled over the next four days.


Masters cyclist Tad Hodgert keeps rolling

Tad Hodgert eased his cyclocross bike through the Deschutes National Forest along Ben's Trail. Dawn had just broken and his knobby tires spun easily on the firm dirt. While Hodgert frequently rides his bike, his 10-mile morning commute to his dental practice through the woods from his home near Skyliner Sno-park is far from ordinary.

Watch crews digging a tunnel for a Beaufort recreational trail

A tunnel is being built for the Spanish Moss Trail at the entrance of a new hotel being built in Beaufort. Watch the progress of construction on April 26, 2018.