Lightweight jacket perfect for rainy weather

Out on the trails, nothing can turn a fun day into a miserable one faster then getting cold and wet. When unexpected showers come, it's nice to have a lightweight cover that that will keep you comfortable on the move. The Tantrum Hooded Jacket from Outdoor Research is just that, a super lightweight jacket (5.2 ounces) that can easily be stowed away in a backpack - or worn snuggly against your back with its integrated waist belt - until needed.


A simple plan to strengthen your core

Core strength, though it has been a hot term in the fitness industry for more than a decade, has unfortunately become synonymous with six-pack abs. Those are nice, but the core doesn't stop where your shirt hem ends. In fact, for women, the core pretty much starts there.


Take that first step to being a runner

You can hardly live in the Dallas area without being at least minimally aware of runners. They're everywhere, and how could they not be? The weather is run-worthy almost every day; trails abound, as do running stores, clubs and organizations. If you are mulling joining the running brigade, you probably have a few questions.


Motivational mind tricks: How real women get to the gym

Even those athleisure-sporting, tea detox-promoting, smoothie-sipping fitness enthusiasts (you know, the ones who upload sweaty post-SoulCycle pictures on Instagram and tweet about their amazing six-mile morning hikes) sometimes feel like skipping the gym. No one can be 100 percent motivated all the time. Which is why celebs pay big bucks to make the gym and its highly motivating instructors come to them. Real people, however, have to rely on good, old-fashioned mind tricks when the motivation is waning. So we searched high and low for the best techniques real women have to offer - and by "real women," we mean fitness instructors, health bloggers, and exercise specialists (aka women who know their way around a gym).

Cast & Blast

Cobia fishery in danger of crashing

You may have noticed that I have barely said anything about cobia this year. With all my rantings and ravings over the past few years and the resulting blowback, I decided to step back and see if the new regulations have changed the way local anglers regard these great fish.


Marathoner finds solid ground in running

Maybe flying high above the earth in a helicopter - five days a week, sometimes twice a day - gives traffic reporter Michael Scott cravings for solid ground and, thus, running. Or maybe he just likes it, so much so that he was part of the Oscar Last Men Running relay team at last year's Dallas Marathon. Every runner the team passed meant money for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.


Six tips for a painless bike commute

They think it will take too long. They worry that they'll be sweaty and messy and have bad helmet hair when they get there. Or quite frankly, it just never occurs to them to ride to all the places they usually drive to. If that's you, it's time to reconsider your transportation choices, especially for all those short trips around town we all make every day, maybe a few times a day.