Leslie Barker: Tired early in your workout? Keep going

Have you ever started a workout with bunches – or at least a decent amount – of energy, only to feel zapped way too early? I have, especially on these mornings with humidity thick as split-pea soup. I start out, water bottle and optimism at the ready, then a half-mile in start thinking, "Are you kidding? I can't do this."


Camelbak vest perfect for those mountain biking on narrow trails

Riding narrow single-track trails on your mountain bike can be one of the great joys of summer. Surrounded by a canopy of trees, you can enjoy the lush forest as you twist and turn over the rugged terrain. The difficult climbs are followed by a freewheeling descents, and you're constantly on the lookout for roots, rocks and overhanging branches. Bending down to grab a water bottle from its cage isn't always an easy option – and you should probably be drinking more often anyway. The Camelbak Chase Bike Vest is targeted at those off-road riders who want easy access to water throughout the whole ride.


Wina Sturgeon: Tips for surviving calamity on the trail

It was supposed to be a simple day hike in the wilderness – there and back to the parking lot in a few hours. But maybe you were unfamiliar with the trail and you ended up getting lost. Maybe your foot slipped on a rock and you got a sprained or broken ankle. Things can go wrong, especially in the wild.


The Fuji Cape May: A throwback, simple bike

When you were a kid, you had a bike. As you got older, maybe you got a 10-speed or a mountain bike or a BMX bike. You found the niche – and bike – that fit what you wanted to do. As an adult, it's more of the same, but with even more choices as you. But sometimes you just want a bike. The Fuji Cape May fits the bill, a throwback one-speed with coaster brakes and big tires that will get you around town without any fuss.

Watch crews digging a tunnel for a Beaufort recreational trail

A tunnel is being built for the Spanish Moss Trail at the entrance of a new hotel being built in Beaufort. Watch the progress of construction on April 26, 2018.