Lightspur makes is easier to run in the dark

With temperatures warming up, you're more likely to go outside for a run or bike ride. But daylight is still at a premium, meaning that if you want to exercise before or after work, you still have to deal with the darkness. The Nathan LightSpur RX is a relatively inexpensive way to help ensure that you're seen while exercising in the darkness. The very bright LED lights, which resemble high-tech spurs, attach easily to your shoes. You can change the color to red, green or blue, and choose either a constant light or a strobe setting.


This easy 10-minute workout will help you get in shape

Of all the excuses we come up with to skip the gym, timing is likely the most popular - and in many cases, it might also be the most legitimate. When you're slammed at work and have other responsibilities at home, finding a whole hour (and change, if you're accounting for travel time) to spend at the gym each day can be tough.


Big Brothers match used skiing, boarding to connect

Bruce Wetten and Michael Arment spent 12 years together in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho program. Once a week every winter, they'd go to Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area to ski and snowboard - part of an arrangement that brings dozens of kids to the mountain each year.


Tracking app helped Wisconsin woman lose 110 pounds

Miranda Couch joined the Princeton Club in New Berlin on Sept. 1, 2014, and decided to try a 75-minute double pump class even though she only needed to climb a flight of stairs to feel winded. She found a spot in the very back row and grabbed a set of dumbbells.


Bassmaster Classic returning to Upstate

The Bassmaster Classic will be returning to Lake Hartwell and downtown Greenville next spring, and organizers say the so-called "Super Bowl of Bass Fishing" has the potential to be bigger than its previous run in the Upstate.

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I’m in the mood for longer days

I took a few minutes Googling sayings that centered on the word “mood.” Needless to say, there were thousands of quotes regarding moods. Good moods, bad moods, blah moods, upbeat moods — the list just went on and on.


How one cyclist climbed a million feet on his bike in a year

Torey Philipp has been riding and racing his road bike since he was 14. Now, he trains on the roads throughout Northern California, often leaving from his El Dorado Hills home and heading out into the foothills of the Sierra to go up and down all kinds of hills and mountains on quiet rural roads.


Determining workout depending on your age

Let's face it: As we get older, our metabolism takes a huge hit. According to Dr. Peter LePort, medical director of the MemorialCare Center for Obesity at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Southern California, it generally starts to slow down after age 30. But for the especially unlucky, it hits a wall well before that, which means fewer pizza binges and mindless snacking and more mindful eating and exercise.


Collapsible lantern is ideal for camping trips, nights on the deck

A good camping lantern gets a lot of use. Of course, it's a necessary item any time you're spending the night outside, from a car camping trip to a backpacking excursion. But it's also nice to have around the house for grilling when the sun goes down or keeping the party going on your deck into the night. And should the power goes out, it's nice to have a portable light source ready to go. The Black Diamond Apollo Lantern features the right ratio of function and portability, all in a stable and relatively inexpensive package.


Huntsman talks to the hounds ... and they speak back

Martyn Blackmore, huntsman with Lowcountry Hunt, demonstrates calls used during a foxhunt to communicate to the hounds and the hunting party on Jan. 23, 2017, at the club's kennels in Jacksonboro, S.C.
Drew Martin Staff video
Huntsman talks to the hounds ... and they speak back 1:55

Huntsman talks to the hounds ... and they speak back

Flying high, with Haynes Werner, Beaufort-born falconer 0:54

Flying high, with Haynes Werner, Beaufort-born falconer

Experience 'epic' downhill skiing in the Sierra 1:53

Experience 'epic' downhill skiing in the Sierra

DNR's Stokes talks safety of year-round oysters in SC 0:39

DNR's Stokes talks safety of year-round oysters in SC