Brewers Mini Marathon produces finishers and winners

Tanya Friends tried to apologize to the volunteers who stayed in the back of the race with her. All the other runners were long gone. There were very few walkers left. It was mostly just her and the standby emergency vehicles on her heels. The officials would close the Rock 'N Sole half marathon course after she was done. And in 3 hours, 47 minutes and 49 seconds, she was.


How to make your own medicine ball

When it comes to at-home toning and strengthening, a medicine ball can work wonders. Whether you're tossing it back and forth with a partner or using it to lunge your way to stronger legs, the gym accessory is a must-have. The downside? Depending on the weight, it can run you a decent amount of money at most sports shops.


Changing health mindset at work could help increase daily activity

Your desk job is killing you. It's a headline you've probably seen in your news feed lately, with everyone from the surgeon general to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warning about the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle. A 2015 study in the Annals of Internal Medicine largely confirms the hype, concluding that the prolonged sedentary activity required for desk jobs is associated with negatives health outcomes - even if you exercise regularly before or after work.

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