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Think construction sites are ugly? Hilton Head might have an artful solution for theirs

A 450-foot mural that celebrates Hilton Head Island’s landscape is in the works for the south end.

Instead of being on the side of the building or in a public park, this one is intended to be wrapped around the construction fencing that will be installed on Pope Avenue, according director of cultural affairs Jenn McEwen.

Pope Avenue construction, which has been the source of traffic jams several times in recent months, will give way to the Lowcountry Celebration Park by the end of next summer, according to Town of Hilton Head Island plans.

The nine-acre park will have a lagoon, children’s museum, massive playground and public gathering space, the plans show.

Until the park is complete though, the highly traversed area will be filled with construction materials and vehicles.

That’s where the mural comes in, McEwen said.

Designed by local artist Jessie Renew, McEwen said the mural is “really an attempt to mitigate complaints about construction sites” on the south end.

The park will be centrally located near Coligny Beach Park and the Coligny Plaza shopping center.

This photo illustration is a representation of how a mural will be used on construction fencing along Pope Avenue rather than the normal construction material, as seen on the right, that would normally be used to block construction sites according to the Town of Hilton Head Island. Local artist Jessie Renew produced the mural that will be placed on the construction fencing fronting Pope Avenue during the construction of the town’s Lowcountry Celebration Park. Drew Martin

McEwen applied to the town’s design review board for the mural, and the committee will hear the plan on Tuesday.

The review board will have to approve the project before it is installed.

Since the project is in the early stages, McEwen said she doesn’t have an exact cost for the project yet. However, she said the design will be printed on vinyl wraps and repeated a few times over the 450-foot fence to lower the cost.

This mural, created by local artist Jessie Renew, will be printed on sheets of vinyl and will placed on the construction fencing fronting Pope Avenue during the construction of the town’s Lowcountry Celebration Park. Jessie Renew Town of Hilton Head Island

McEwen said this is the first time this type of public art project has been done on Hilton Head, although the island is no stranger to development.

“As development needs to occur, we can use art to mitigate some of the standard development pieces that aren’t as pleasing,” she said. “Everyone wants a beautiful new park, and it takes a little to get there.”

park construction.jpg
Town of Hilton Head Island Hilton Head Island - Coligny Area Park & Transportation Projects Facebook group

Pope Avenue park update

The Lowcountry Celebration park construction behind the Coligny Beach parking lot is scheduled to begin next week after a groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday, according to urban designer Chris Darnell.

The fencing around the site — where the mural would go — will likely go up in the next two weeks, Darnell added.

Lowcountry Celebration Park.png
The proposed plan for “Lowcountry Celebration Park”, which is set to be completed in May of 2020. Roadwork on Pope Road necessary to control traffic flow will begin Tuesday, Sept. 4. released from Parks and Recreation website

Paving and resurfacing on Pope Avenue was incorporated into the park project since the entrance requires an additional traffic signal at Pope Avenue and Lagoon Road. That roadwork started in September 2018, The Island Packet has previously reported.

An announcement last week from town engineers said the “traffic signal mast arms and activation of a new signal at Pope Avenue and Lagoon Road will not be completed this summer, but will be deferred until the Fall of 2019.”

park construction 3.jpg
Town of Hilton Head Island Hilton Head Island - Coligny Area Park & Transportation Projects Facebook group

Town officials regularly update the public on the road construction via email blasts and a Facebook group titled “Hilton Head Island — Coligny Area Park & Transportation Projects.”

Road construction is scheduled to “wrap up” for the summer after June 15, according to a recent post in the Facebook group.

“The anticipation is that there will be no or minimal interruption of traffic on Pope Avenue this summer,” Darnell said, adding that park construction will take place completely off Pope Avenue.

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