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Here’s what happened when ‘Southern Charm’ partied on Hilton Head Island last night

Luckily for Charleston’s favorite hangover squad it’s overcast on Hilton Head Island this morning — meaning, they didn’t have to wake up to the kind of blinding sunlight that makes you wish you had gotten lost at sea instead of stuck in The Triangle the night before.

Actually, maybe some of them never went to bed ... maybe some of them are face-up in Coligny Beach sand as we speak, staring at the sky and wondering how they can get their own TV spin-off like Shep. Or maybe they went to morning Mass. Who knows. Who cares. I’m just making conversation.

So let’s get to it. Let’s play Scrapbook It: Here’s some of what happened Wednesday when the cast of Bravo’s hit reality show, “Southern Charm,” came to Hilton Head to film for its fifth season (Facebook message me if you have anything you’d like to add) ...

First, let’s look at who went to Daufuskie Island the night before.


Crazy Crew . #southerncharm photocred: @krollthewarriorking

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That’s Shep Rose, Chelsea Meissner, Austen Kroll who deserves more Twitter followers, fan favorite/resident “Normal Friend” Danni Baird (who should have a blue checkmark on Instagram), Naomie Olindo, Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover.

Important to note: Shep grew up on Hilton Head and his parents still live here. Chelsea, who was a contestant on “Survivor: One World” five years ago, also grew up on Hilton Head, but moved away in fifth grade. Naomie and Craig were a couple. Now people are hoping Kathryn and Craig are.

On Wednesday it looks like the pals went fishing with Captain Mike Perry from Papa Bear Charters.

No really, look how cute Kathryn and Craig are together.

And just look at the body language of their fish. Those fish are giving it all away. Craig’s fish is pointed toward Kathryn in an open and trusting manner. Kathryn’s fish is pointed toward ... um ... well, OK, let’s be real, that works too.

More fishing: An adorable Kathryn, Capt. Perry, Shep wearing his ShepGear hat and Shep’s aptly timed “National Lampoon’s Animal House” joke.

Also more fishing: Shep holding a shark as far away from his body as those Grover arms will let him.

Andrew Carmines, owner of Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks and Shep’s lifelong bud, got another taste of filming for “Southern Charm” at the restaurant. In season three, Hudson’s was the backdrop for Shep and his mom, Frances Rose, to meet up for an on-camera heart-to-heart about Shep’s love life (“You’ve got enough grandchildren, right?,” Shep asked).


Filming with our favorite @relationshep @bravotv #colorcoordinated

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After Hudson’s the Charmers went in for a late night at The Boardroom in the Barmuda Triangle, but not before dining at (we hear) One Hot Mama’s.

At The Boardroom, which the Haymaker crew lit up like a casino because I guess we need to see people’s faces on TV or something, Thomas Ravenel made an appearance with his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs (whose Instagram is private because ... of Kathryn?).

Ashley was hanging all over him. Maybe she knows the same story I do about a local woman and his guest house. Or maybe she just likes the scent of aging sadness.

Austen, in St. Patrick’s Day green, and Craig huddled at the bar.

Shep and Craig posed for photos ... happily, unhappily, not sure, that might just be the camera catching Shep’s face at the wrong time.

Hilton Head band GTA played originals for the cast.

And Shep, still repping ShepGear, greeted old pals in his good-time way.

Notably absent, because she’s a responsible pregnant adult who is past her due date, was Cameran Eubanks.

So that’s it.

Now all we have to do is wait — until at least April probably — to find out exactly how much fun Shep’s friends had in his hometown.

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