Long lines, long wait at the polls continue hours before Beaufort County voting ends

How to cast your vote using South Carolina’s voting machines

Whether you're new to the state or need a refresher, South Carolina's voting machines are simple to use.
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Whether you're new to the state or need a refresher, South Carolina's voting machines are simple to use.

Beaufort County voters experienced long lines at the polls throughout the day Tuesday, with some areas reporting wait times well over two hours.

Just after polls closed for the midterm election at 7 p.m. Tuesday, a long line of voters waited outside of Pritchardville Elementary, with many voters reporting waiting lines of more two hours and thirry minutes.

A steady stream of voters had crowded most polling locations since they opened at 7 a.m., according to election workers. However, lines started to get shorter around 4 p.m., with people reporting only a 15 minute wait time at the Bluffton Library.

Both the Buckwalter Recreation Center in Bluffton and the Charles L. Brown Activity Center in Beaufort have reported waiting times of an hour or more.

Long lines were reported at St. Luke’s Church on Hilton Head Island before noon, with people reporting wait times of up to 90 minutes. Volunteers said voters were lined outside the church starting at 6:30 a.m.

Multiple people reported waiting in line for 90 minutes at the Seabrook of Hilton Head before noon.

One voter reported waiting upward of two hours at Pritchardville Elementary.

Meanwhile, multiple people are reporting no wait to vote at Oscar Frazier Community Park Tuesday afternoon after a long wait this in the morning.

Long lines also were reported at the Thomas C. Barnwell Administration Building in Okatie, where voters were casting ballots after an extra precinct was relocated there from Church of the Palms on Okatie Highway.

At Sea Pines Community Center on Hilton Head, people reported waiting in line for an hour around lunchtime with one machine down.

North of the Broad River, at Coosa Elementary on Lady’s Island, voters were lined up out the door early on Tuesday.

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There were scattered reports of voting machines being down throughout the morning. There were no reports of the outages preventing precincts from accepting votes.

One voter who used a precinct locator on the website of the South Carolina Election Commission said she was sent to the wrong polling place.

Stacey Collins, who lives in the Victoria Bluff subdivision in Bluffton, said she waited in line an hour at the Bluffton Library to vote because that was where the online site directed her.

Once she got to the front of the line, she was told her precinct was actually located at the Bluffton Recreation Center on Ulmer Road.

She said she worries some people will “just throw their hands up” and will not vote if they have to stand in line again at another location.

The polling locator at www.vote.org also was sending Precinct 3 voters to the library when they should be at the recreation center.

Calls to S.C. Election Commission and the Board of Voter Registration and Elections of Beaufort County were not immediately returned Tuesday morning.

This story will be updated.

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