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Here’s what police say about Hardeeville Waffle House knife fight that made international news

Video shows fight at Hardeeville Waffle House with knife swinging, shattered window

Joshua Padgett was at the Hardeeville, S.C., Waffle House early on Jan. 19, 2019, when he captured a fight between two employees on video. No one was seriously injured, according to police.
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Joshua Padgett was at the Hardeeville, S.C., Waffle House early on Jan. 19, 2019, when he captured a fight between two employees on video. No one was seriously injured, according to police.

No criminal charges have been filed in a fight that broke out between two Waffle House workers in January that left one of them “slightly injured,” and a window at the front of the restaurant shattered, according to the Hardeeville Police Department.

A video of the knife-swinging altercation has garnered thousands of views and even gotten attention internationally in recent days.

The fight, which happened at the Waffle House on Independence Road just off I-95, occurred at 5:49 a.m. on Jan. 19, Police Chief Sam Woodward said Monday morning.

“Two employees got mad at each other and got into a confrontation,” Woodward said. He said one of the workers involved was slashed but neither of the men in the fight wanted to pursue charges against one another. Both men declined medical attention.

Woodward said the department is working with Waffle House officials because the company could file charges for malicious injury to property. Currently, no warrants have been issued in connection with the incident.

In the almost nine-minute-long video titled “Knifes Out while Waffle House Employees Fight,” that was posted to Youtube on Jan. 19, two male workers are shown throwing fists and screaming obscenities at each other. One of them waves a two large knives as a third employee continues cooking and customers continue eating.

The video opens with a clip of the two workers throwing punches at each other by an empty table in the restaurant. The video then cuts to a different clip where a worker in a gray shirt is standing behind the counter and a worker in a yellow shirt is standing near customers as he holds a knife in each hand. He repeated says, “Let’s go.”

The two argued over who won the fight as the worker in gray holds up his arm, which had blood dripping from the wrist to his elbow, claiming the cut didn’t come from the fight.

In the next clip, some in the restaurant ask the worker in yellow to put the knives down. He ignores their requests and yells at the worker in gray to come outside as he continues swinging the knives and screaming.

He then exchanges the knives for a caddy full of condiments, which he swings at the other worker’s face but misses, beginning what people in the video yelled out as “Round Two.” This time the men are wrestling and punching on the floor; one gets shoved into the counter where the waffle irons are heating up.

Later in the video, the worker in gray tells his opponent, “Threaten me again,” to which the knife-yielding worker screams “I will murder your a--.” Both shout about someone having a gun, but one is never seen in the video.

One of the final clips shows a shattered window near the restaurant’s entrance, which the person recording the video says is from the workers throwing things at each other.

The YouTube video had more than 2,400 views as of Monday morning and attention in the British press.

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