Don’t just hit the gym to be healthy in 2019. Here are 3 other ways to stay fit

Ever wonder why we make New Year’s resolutions?

Many people make New Year's resolutions every year but very few stick to them. Humans have been making New Year's resolutions for thousands of years. Find out where they originated.
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Many people make New Year's resolutions every year but very few stick to them. Humans have been making New Year's resolutions for thousands of years. Find out where they originated.

We’ve officially said goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 (hopefully a much kinder year to us all).

You’ve probably already made your New Year’s resolutions, or at least have a few in mind.

But if you want to actually accomplish your goals, it’s time to start planning to make sure 2019 is better than 2018.

Most of our resolutions include living a healthier lifestyle, whether that’s unplugging from the world a bit more or exercising more often.

Here’s just a few things every South Carolina resident can do to stay healthy this year.

Rest, relaxation and meditation

Practicing self-care and mental health awareness have thankfully been on the rise in the past few years.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re taking care of yourself is to set aside some time to meditate and turn off any background noise from your phone.

South Carolina has a number of retreats you can go to in the quest to become one with yourself and free your mind from your usual, hectic life.

Mepkin Abbey allows people to spend a “retreatance” at their monastery where visitors can practice the monk’s mission of solitude and silence.

At this monastery you can view a beautiful garden along the Cooper River, and even worship and work alongside the monks.

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Having a more “fit” 2019

This resolution is arguably one of the hardest to stay with for an entire year, but thankfully South Carolina has plenty of gyms, retreats and events to help have a healthy year.

One of the most famous places to start living a healthy lifestyle in South Carolina is Hilton Head Health.

The wellness retreat made a name for itself in multiple media outlets, including The Today Show, USA Today, Women’s Health, and The Chicago Tribune.

The coolest part about this retreat is that it’s more than just about burning away the pounds. The program also offers workshops in the beginning of the year including topics such as controlling any binge-eating habits and how to still live a healthy life with diabetes.

Of course, being a luxury retreat means that you’ll also be able to “treat yourself” with fine dining, massages at the spa and an overall relaxing atmosphere near Hilton Head’s beautiful beaches.

Running a marathon

As part of living a “healthy” 2019, you might have included finishing a marathon on your resolution list, if you’re really brave.

Hopefully, you’ve prepared beforehand because there are plenty of half-marathons, 5Ks, and full marathons across the state in the new year.

USA Today named the Kiawah Island Marathon as the best marathon in South Carolina. There are a few good reasons to try to tackle Kiawah Island’s marathon.

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The race is certified by the USA Track & Field Organization as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. You’ll also see some amazing views along East Beach Village with maritime forests, marshes, beautiful homes and, of course, wonderful beachfront views.

Because the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon isn’t until Dec. 14, you might need to hit a track or two to prepare. There are a number of other marathons you can register for across the Palmetto State (This way you can also knock “travel more” off your resolution list):

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