Liz Farrell

We (finally) know when Shep Rose’s reality dating show will premiere

Shep Rose, star of “Southern Charm” and “RelationShep”
Shep Rose, star of “Southern Charm” and “RelationShep” Kurt Iswarienko/Bravo

We finally know the premiere date for Shep Rose’s new reality dating show and it’s not looking good for the three alarms you have to set on your phone.

“RelationShep” will air at 10 p.m. starting Dec. 4 on Bravo.

I hope your bosses don’t mind you sleeping at your desks on Tuesday mornings. (If so, quit your job. They didn’t appreciate you enough anyway and why would you work for a company that doesn’t support your love of “Southern Charm” stars or Hilton Head Island natives — yes, “natives” ... look the word up, you Facebook jokers).

Bravo announced the date on its website Monday and gave us a brand new second trailer that makes the show look pretty good, actually ... a little more weighty even.

I was worried by the first one, if we’re being honest. It seemed like “The Bachelor” meets “Celebrity Rehab” meets Landon Clements’ double-ended vocal fry.

This second trailer better captures Shep’s existential dilemma between loving life as a single famous guy and knowing in his heart that everything is meaningless without love.

Also, what’s with this Sarah the producer twist? Things could get interesting — like Kandi and Todd interesting.

Doubtful, though.

At the end of the trailer, when we’re to believe Shep has finally chosen his lady-love, he stands waiting with flowers in a backpack — vulnerable and tender — and then yells “Hey” at the mystery woman who is actually probably Craig Conover and Gizmo the cat because, let’s face it, Shep should just keep doing what he’s doing until he becomes fully afraid of dying alone.

Anything else is romantic malpractice.


Thoughts other than “I don’t watch this crap”? BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU WILL.

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