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Birth control responsibility goes both ways | Letters

I honestly thought a recent letter-writer was joking to suggest “mandated birth control.” Really?

While I agree with a couple of his comments, suggesting mandatory birth control for women is offensive.

Medical birth control is not recognized by many religions.

And has he heard of the Women’s Rights Movement? He did not mention men. I have always been under the impression that both men and women are necessary to create life.

Is he suggesting men should not be responsible for what they do?

Mandated birth control would not eliminate rape or incest, generally a crime against women committed by men.

I am a pro-choice mother of three boys and one girl. I have made it clear that responsibility goes both ways.

Women have been dictated to by men and it has to stop now. This is an example of why women continue a national fight to be heard, to be seen as equal to men and in charge of their bodies.

Lynda Laff

Hilton Head Island

Fellows, meet the ultimate birth control

Kudos to a recent letter writer for his proposal to eliminate abortion through mandatory, enforced, cost-effective birth control for women. As the mother of sons, I lamented that as parents, my husband and I could not ensure no unintended pregnancies occurred in their teens. We arrived at the following realization: No matter how responsible and educated boys and girls are, no matter how effective birth control is, conception cannot take place in the absence of sperm.

We propose vasectomies at birth for every male, done at the same time the routine circumcision is performed. Affordable, painless (compared to a circumcision!) and the ultimate pregnancy prevention. At such time the male is ready to reproduce, his vasectomy can be reversed. No pregnancy, no abortion, no problem.

Dale DeAtley


Turn focus to grandchildren

Most of us older people enjoy our lengthening and pleasurable retirement while our grandchildren are typically struggling to do as well as their parents.

The New York Times recently analyzed the change in both income and wealth for the last 30 years as follows:

Age: 65 and older. Wealth: Plus 80%. Income: Plus 50%.

Age: 45 and younger. Wealth: Minus 35%. Income: No change.

The media usually focuses on income vs. wealth because it’s easier to measure. But wealth is essential to overcome unforeseen problems, raise successful families, and to provide job mobility, future retirement, and additional education.

My concern is that the middle class is disappearing and those with below-average income ($60,000 to $70,000 per year) usually are struggling to succeed. Our poor frequently have zero or negative wealth.

Since World War II, the costs of medical care, college, automobiles and housing have increased at rates greatly exceeding the cost of living, while the wealth of our elites has significantly increased, primarily because of their investments here and overseas.

The 35% wealth loss of our young could increase further for their kids, which is causing many to remain single and families to have fewer children.

Our two parties are hopelessly divided on dozens of issues. Instead of needlessly debating these issues, we need to elect the party that has a platform that directly addresses the changes needed in the federal budget, taxation, Social Security and Medicare to reverse the degradation of our children’s futures.

Walt Schymik

Hilton Head Island

It was a farce, not a debate

What a spectacle. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas are laughing in their graves. Twenty grown men and women all trying to interject, or even shout out, the “spontaneous” seven-second sound bites they’ve been working on for weeks.

This wasn’t a debate. It was a farce.

The complete unknown with the best applause line all of a sudden becomes a legitimate candidate to be the leader of the free world. This might indeed be funny if it weren’t so demented.

The U.S. media are obsessed with the idea that Russia interfered with our election in 2016. It’s our own mass media, not Russian social media trolls, that interfere more with people’s ability to make decisions based on rational thought about the future of the nation’s economy and America’s role in the world.

By covering the presidential campaign primarily in terms of sound bites and personalities, rather than issues, the media reinforce the emotions that drive the divisive effects of identity politics.

Steve Napoli

Hilton Head Island

Here’s hope for the unborn in 2020 election

In truth, Christians voting for politicians supporting abortion have the blood of millions of babies on their hands and will have to answer to the Lord someday.

Christian pastors, especially Catholic priests and pastors of the more liberal mainstream Protestant churches, failing to condemn abortion from the pulpit are cowards, placing political correctness and fear of losing church members above biblical principle.

Conservative, Bible-based churches and denominations grow while their liberal counterparts steadily lose membership. Many justify voting Democratic because of misguided beliefs that Democrats are the party of the little people, the poor, forgotten and downtrodden. Actually, the Democratic Party works hard to keep people down, convincing them the system is against them, they don’t possess abilities and opportunities to succeed on their own and that government is their only salvation.

Conservatives believe and preach the opposite. In America, anyone willing to invest the time, sacrifice and hard work necessary can prove the Democratic Party mantra wrong.

President Donald Trump may be a little rough around the edges, but shows more pure courage and has accomplished more in a short time to shore up our country and military, create jobs and provide opportunity, than any president in my lifetime. Reagan was close.

Many younger people have little knowledge of history, having only observed the dysfunctional Barack Obama tenure, depressed economy and wholesale apologetic stance for America’s perceived past sins.

We do not need a party in power that believes in late-term, even post-born abortion, and a full socialist agenda going forward. There is hope for the unborn and future if voters rely on their brain and not simply emotions in 2020.

Gary E. Stough

Hilton Head Island

God gave women choices

Abortion. Nobody likes it. Nobody wants to be in the position of having to consider it. If you believe that God is in control, however, He gave us that option.

The debate continues. The right of the living woman is pitted against the right of the potential life of the fetus. The lifelong role of the mother is pitted against the, sometimes momentary, role of the “father.” The agony of carrying a rape-induced, non-viable, or disabled fetus is mostly borne by the mother.

Usually, the same part of society that wants the unwanted fetus to live is unwilling to share the financial burden posed by the birth and life of that unwanted or disabled child.

Religion gets mixed up in the debate. No matter what your religion, the same God that gave women the ability to “get” pregnant also gave them the ability to prevent it, prevent the fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus so it can grow, and to abort the pregnancy. Obviously, God deliberately gave women choices. Some legislators seem to think they are smarter than God.

When I grew up Catholic, I was taught that that if I talked to God in prayer, he would answer me. The same is true for pregnant women. So why is it that the male (usually) leadership of religion claim to be the only ones who can interpret the will of God to take away the choices God gave women?

False prophets? Power? Misogyny?

Thomas Balliet


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