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Is Beaufort parking-meter fine really worth it?

My family and I had just left Q On Bay barbecue last week, saying we will have to add a trip to Beaufort every time we visit Hilton Head Island. But, now we never will. Why?

As I walked to my car to add money to the parking meter, I arrived at 2:28. My parking expired at 2:26. As I walked up the block to my car I saw no one there. This means that some parking vulture was hovering to wait for the exact second it expired to ticket the vehicle. Really? Do you need my $10 that bad?

Most communities find ways to welcome tourists and their spending. Beaufort has decided to send the opposite message. Congratulations to the brains that made that decision.

How much money have you lost due to such a rapacious policy? You’ll never know. Your short-sighted politicos will only notice the parking income. Just this one tourist and his family never visiting again will cost you more tax income in the future.

Please enjoy my $10 contribution to your anti-tourist campaign.

Walter Lieber


Mandate birth control

Discussions need to change from abortion rights to women’s rights.

Who among us is truly for abortion or delivering an unwanted baby? Aren’t women really for avoiding pregnancy or mothering an unwanted baby?

Americans could get behind a long-term program to assure childbearing-age girls and women are medically unable to conceive until they reach the point in their lives when they choose to have and love a baby. There are many solutions to avoid pregnancy, using daily pills to tiny rods inserted into an arm. Some last four years and are said to be the most reliable preventative after total abstinence.

Americans would be for a nearly infallible mandatory national solution to unwanted pregnancies, just as schools and nursing homes require vaccines and flu shots.

Americans have no fallback positions if they haven’t taken vaccines other than to suffer the disease. And there should be no fallback position for those unwilling to accept a free alternative to having unwanted babies. Free, mandatory birth control would alleviate the need for abortions with very few extreme medical exceptions.

Legislated birth control should become the norm in America, and the repeated unrealistic conservative arguments for abstinence unnecessary. There would be no pregnancies caused by incest or rape, and all females of reproductive age would have complete control over their bodies as pro-abortionists promote.

Yes, there will be a cost, but with millions of females required to use the free birth control products, costs for medical abortions and caring for unwanted babies will be nil.

Jim Dove


America must come to its senses

Every time I attempt to voice an apolitical opinion, so much of today’s reality is thrown in my face that I find it necessary to voice my disappointment with today’s goings-on.

Take our “appointed” (by the Electoral College) “president.” You know, the one who lost the popular vote of the American people by some 3 million votes. Yep, the one with 10,000 documented lies to the American people, so far. The same one who claims credit for the reduction in our nation’s unemployment rate, yup, the reduction that began prior to President Barack Obama’s service to our nation. The same dude who could, very possibly, have an opposing Republican candidate overshadow him in 2020.

Just where do the American people turn when their “leader” cuddles up with our nation’s fiercest enemy? Perhaps it’s a true Republican candidate, not the Trumpian. Or a Democrat. Either way, it’s time the most powerful nation on the planet ceases to be the most scoffed at nation on the planet. It’s embarrassing.

We can, very probably, survive four years of this foolishness, but eight years?

It’s way beyond time for we the people to come to our senses.

Oh, how I wish I was as eloquent as a Leonard Pitts. He puts obvious fact in front of us soooooo well. I do the best I can with what I’ve got.

Folks, political party is not as much of a concern here as self respect and common sense.

Enough said.

Len Cyrlin


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