Another one! Third Beaufort Co. resident in 2019 to appear on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

If you’re a regular “Wheel of Fortune” watcher, keep an eye out for a Hilton Head woman trying her hand at the wheel on Thursday night.

Sheri Bishop will be on the show at 7 p.m. Oct. 10, and she joins Patrick Coughlin of Hilton Head Island and Drew Bedingfield of Bluffton as a Wheel of Fortune alum.

Couglin won $2,000 when he appeared on the show in September, and Bedingfield won $11,750 in May.

Bishop works in sales and owns a paddleboard company, and said she grew up watching Wheel of Fortune. According to a news release from the show, being a contestant was on her bucket list.

The mother of two got on the show after auditioning at a Wheelmobile event in Savannah, according to the release.

Game show secrets

“Wheel of Fortune” tapes five shows each day in Studio 11 at Sony Pictures — right next to the “Jeopardy!” studio, according to Kyle Montplaisir, senior coordinator of publicity and promotions for the show.

Sheri Bishop of Hilton Head Island on Wheel of Fortune. Her episode airs Oct. 10 at 7 p.m. on WSAV. Carol Kaelson

Beaufort County contestants have shared the rules and expectations of the Wheel of Fortune show. Here are some of them:

If you’re running for public office, you can’t be on the show

Bedingfield said in May that there were about two hours of legal rules to review before he went on camera.

One of those rules was that the contestant couldn’t be running for public office while they’re on the show, Bedingfield said. He added that he was advised not to run for office in the next two or three years.

“They could say I had more air time,” he explained. “Then (Sony) would have to offer identical amount of air time to the opponent.”

Montplaisir confirmed that contestants are asked before taping whether they are running for office, and the show has never run into an incident with a candidate’s air time.

Bedingfield said he wasn’t planning to run for office, anyway.

You don’t get to be a tourist at Sony Pictures studios

The show, which is filmed at the Sony Pictures Entertainment Studios in Culver City, isn’t open for inspection by game show participants.

A bus came to pick up the contestants and bring them to the studio, and Bedingfield said they were allowed to be only in certain rooms at certain times — no sightseeing allowed.

“It was like being on a fifth-grade field trip. You wanted to look around, but you were always being chaperoned,” he said.

wheel of fortune.JPG
YouTube screenshot Wheel of Fortune

You can’t be a serial game show contestant

Although many people have made news for winning big on several game shows, it’s the order of the shows you appear on that counts.

“There are all types of restrictions of other game shows you can’t be on,” Bedingfield said.

According to the terms and conditions on the “Wheel of Fortune” application, a participant can’t have been on another game show, dating-relationship show or reality show within the past year or on three such shows in the past 10 years.

So if you’re planning to make serial game show appearances, make sure you plan ahead.

wheel of fortune 2. JPG.JPG
Pat Sajak, right, explains to ‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant Jonny Knowles, from North Carolina, he didn’t pronounce ‘flamenco’ correctly. Wheel of Fortune; YouTube screenshot

You have to pay for more than you think

Most of the contestant’s journey on the show is self-financed, Bedingfield said.

He paid to fly out to Culver City and to stay there during filming.

However, Montplaisir said each contestant is guaranteed $1,000 when they appear on the show as a “consolation prize.”

“That, in theory, is to cover those expenses,” he said.

Bishop’s episode will air Thursday on WSAV.

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