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Beaufort County man was in his backyard when stranger shoots at him, police say

A Lady’s Island man was in his backyard when he saw someone standing on his relative’s property next door, a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report says.

The stranger mumbled something that was hard to hear before raising a gun and firing about five shots towards the man, the report says.

One of the bullets left a hole in the man’s coat but he was uninjured by the attack. He ran down the street when the stranger stepped toward him.

A neighbor on the street didn’t see the interaction but heard the shots, the report says.

Sheriff’s Office Capt. Bob Bromage said it is possible the suspect was interrupted while attempting a theft on the street.

A vehicle was not heard leaving the location where the shooting happened. The Sheriff’s Office used K-9 units to search the areas.

No one has been arrested for the incident.

The Sheriff’s Office continues to actively investigate six shootings that occurred in the Beaufort area in recent weeks.