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Fahey: Trek to IKEA just got a little shorter for Beaufort County residents

IKEA logo
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We've all heard the stories.

People, usually young couples or small families, pour over the IKEA catalogue or website and carefully pick out what furniture pieces they think would perfectly fit into their dream living space.

Then, after a whirlwind day trip (or weekend for some), they come back, unpack their boxes and begin assembling furniture.

This is when the arguing begins. And the hair pulling. And the talking through gritted teeth. There might even be some throwing of the instruction manual and that cheap Allen wrench.

Lowcountry fans of IKEA have an additional challenge because they have to plan what pieces from the Godmorgon or Lillangen series they want ... and also drive four hours to pick it all up.

People joke that once they get through assembling IKEA furniture, they can survive anything. That their marriages are probably going to be OK, because they passed the IKEA Test.

For some reason, though, a number of locals still embark on this weekend trip of pain, frustration and anxiety, all to achieve an aesthetically furnished homestead, at half the cost.

Some Beaufort County residents seemed relieved to hear Thursday morning that an IKEA store is proposed for Jacksonville, Fla., a mere two-and-a-half hour drive from the Lowcountry instead of the nearly four it takes to Charlotte or Atlanta, where the next closest IKEAs are.

The Jacksonville store is expected to be constructed beginning next summer and be completed by 2017.

At that point, Lowcountry IKEA fans will be able to shave miles off their trip, but the end result might still be the same: a long drive, an even longer walk through the massive warehouse that is IKEA -- and maybe eating a questionable Swedish meatball or two -- the journey back, the torturous assembly, the near-divorces, the screams of "Never again!"

But we all know they'll be going back.

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