Recent Beaufort Police Department crime reports

We will endeavor to keep this map as up-to-date as possible.

Using the map

Click or tap markers near areas of interest to you to obtain report information (crime category, date and time, location/place and available details).

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To browse by month or crime category, click the info panel button (shaded yellow in the screen capture below):

Map information panel button

In the info panel, months visible on the map are marked by a red square with a white check mark. Uncheck the box (shaded yellow in image below) to hide the markers for that month.

Map layer button

Color-coded crime categories are listed for each month by frequency, most- to least-reported. Click the down-arrow under the red checkbox to see all the instances of each crime type in the given month. They are in order from oldest to newest. Clicking on a report instance in the list will open its information box, and its location will be highlighted on the map.