Beaufort and Jasper county restaurant inspections

Here are recent restaurant inspection results for Beaufort and Jasper county dining and food prep establishments, as provided by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. The department's explanations for assigning letter grades:

  • Grade A - The retail food establishment earned more than 87 points. Food safety practices appeared to meet the requirements of the state's Regulation 61-25
  • Grade B - The retail food establishment earned 87-78 points. Food safety practices need improvement
  • Grade C - The retail food establishment earned less than 78 points. Food safety practices need significant improvement.

Search tips:

  • The initial view is the 20 most recent inspection reports, sorted from newest to oldest.
  • Narrow results by entering text in the Filter boxes (there is no need to press "Return" or "Enter" — filtering occurs instantaneously as you type) or use the radio buttons to narrow results by grade or report type (*R = Routine, unscheduled visits; F = Follow-up inspections when routine inspections find problems; and P = Permit inspections for new establishments).
  • Click or tap a column name ("Location", "Address" etc.) to sort records by that column. For example, clicking the "Grade" header will sort records by their posted grade, from "A" to "C". Clicking or tapping again will re-sort from "C" to "A".
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If there are more than 20 records in your filtered results, click or tap the "Show More" link at the bottom of the table to get more results.

Click or tap the address for any record to see it on a map. Click or tap the grade for any record to see that establishment's detailed inspection report (as a pdf document).

See DHEC's Food Grades page to search restaurant inspection results for all food establishments in South Carolina.


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