Fripp's Ocean Point course open again after flooding

Fripp Island's Ocean Point Golf Links reopened for play Thursday, ending a wait for the turf to sufficiently dry after spending as much as four days submerged under last weekend's deluge and high tides.

"It's dried up pretty good now," superintendent Kevin Lashley said. "We're pretty slow this time of year anyway, but I think we've got a pretty good weekend (of play) scheduled."

Parts of the course were under as much as 3 feet of water Sunday, after the storm system dropped more than 9 inches of rain on the oceanfront layout. Record high tides complicated matters, leaving Lashley and his crew to wait out a slow drainage period.

The last of the standing water disappeared Wednesday, Lashley said, and the course needed a full day of sunshine to dry sufficiently to allow golf carts on the turf. Many holes at Ocean Point do not have paved paths running the entire length of the hole.

Other courses near Beaufort were back in business no later than Tuesday. Ocean Point's sister course, Ocean Creek, had a small turnout Monday while Dataw Island reported losing only Saturday's play.

"Like any golf course, we have a few areas that are lower than others," said Dave Britton, Dataw Island's director of golf. "But we've done a lot of drainage work over the years, which has been very successful."