Readers' Opinion

Rants & Raves: On food trucks in the community

On the possibility of food trucks in Hilton Head and Old Town Bluffton:

Yes please!

Adam Wilson

So few choices on restaurants now, well besides the tourist traps come out paying like $40 a plate. There are a lot of local hard working class families that want to go out for dinner without having to pay $120 for their families to eat out. Sick of these overpriced local restaurants ($20 for a burger, c’mon man). By the number of people in the Bluffton area ... Where are the restaurants? We drive to Pooler just to have choices.

Clay Hartley

I don't dislike food trucks I just don't think they belong in downtown Bluffton. There's no parking for people let alone the food trucks.

Rhonda Neely

I don't think they have to worry because there is nowhere for people to park in downtown Bluffton anyway.

Linda Keller

It's about time for the brick and mortar folks to share and co exist with the food trucks. The trucks offer a diversity that brick and mortar doesn't. There's room for everyone.

Eugene Goddard

No way they will allow food trucks. And if they do it will only be in a few select areas

Joshua Sigler

There's no parking for patrons as it is to enjoy the restaurants. Now let's give food trucks the license and rights to park where there are restaurants already? This is not logical.

Kathryn Lionetti

I'd have more sympathy for arguments against food trucks if we actually had good restaurants rather than overpriced tourist traps. This area, HHI included, desperately needs alternative options. Doesn't matter though, there isn't anywhere for food trucks to line up in Old Town unless they took over the empty space between post office and library. As for competition, the only person afraid of competition is the one that knows they cannot effectively compete. That is their problem, not anyone else's. Resorting to insults by calling food truck owners carpetbaggers? Classy and professional. That alone will keep me out of Bluffton BBQ.

Greg Bennett

Maybe they should adapt. Look at Downtown Deli. They adapt well to the needs of the community. A++ company with brains. They have a store front, food truck, catering company, serve fridge meals for the working people. The list goes on.

Jenn Mohrman

Good thing we live in America! Competition is good! Everyone deserves a chance. Even food trucks! I live in Denver now and we have tons! They go to the breweries who don't serve, colleges during lunch, downtown on weekends. There is enough business for everyone.

Chelsea Blankenship Harold

Bring them the west side of Bluffton over near Buckwalter. We have so few choices if we want to go out to eat and have no desire to drive across town.

Julie Echols Bickerton

I would love to see food trucks. Maybe Sunday evenings when Corks, Bluffton BBQ and Bluffton Room are all closed.

Denise Heins

When I wait an hour for a table and another hour for service at a downtown restaurant and pay premium prices, I'll gladly welcome a food truck as an alternative!

Melissa A. Lewis

Would love this.

Tracy Newman Bermudez

I absolutely love the idea. I think there should be 10 or more food trucks in each location. Good on them.

Charles Clark

Doesn't seem to me to be in keeping with the image Hilton Head seeks to project.

Nancy Mattison

Great idea. They have them here in New Orleans. They have to get permits and pass health inspections.

Charlene Whittaker

Welcome to Hilton Myrtle Beach Head.

John Dreyer

It sounds tacky and will take revenue from already existing eateries. Just say no.

Jim Moore

Food trucks, or mobile restaurants if you will, is a trend that has gained popularity. I would not have a problem with them, as long as the trash is accounted for.

James R Finn

This would be great. It would help out the restaurants with long waits and people that can't afford to eat at a restaurant. When I take my kids to the beach we can't even get a ice cream!

Jeremy T McDonnell

It will be good for the food truck owners but it could be bad for the cleanliness of the beaches.

Joanna Howe