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Rants & Raves: A parking garage in downtown Beaufort?

On a proposed parking garage for downtown Beaufort:

We need a parking solution downtown, this location works and does not require my taxes to go up.

Michael Mark

I'd only be okay with a parking garage if it was built with a false face like other buildings around it and I would be worried about the ground being solid enough for something higher than 3 stories.

Michelle Strickland

We do need parking. But not a parking tower towering over our historic homes. I have no complaints with two levels. But any more will be towering over our church steeples! We don't need that!

Roxanne McCrackin

Tired of Dick Stewart and the rest of the city planners, with their nightmare traffic jam entrance to Beaufort High School, traffic circle on Joe Frazier, now one on Sam's Point Road and three stop lights, one on top of another for their idea of making Beaufort "pretty" for tourists and the nightmare change to Boundary Street against what the citizens want! They are single handedly destroying businesses with their lack of proper planning for keeping businesses alive during their destruction of boundary street. Go away, Beaufort planners and Dick Stewart!

Beth Graham

Never been the biggest fan of Mr. Stewart but he is correct. Most of us avoid downtown like the plague, mainly because of lack of parking. With crime on the increase in Savannah, better parking and more to do downtown would go a long way as far as attracting tourists.

Kevin O'Brien

I think it's needed.

Lynne A. Davis

Dick Stewart is ruining Beaufort.

Kathy Kennedy Karr

What is ruining this town is dollar stores and storage places.

Ralph Fermin

What is ruining Beaufort is everyone that thinks some store or building they don't like is ruining Beaufort.

Kevin O'Brien

Hoping this will be available for public parking, as just stated in this article. Most of Mr Stewart's comments previous to this have been that his garage will not be meant to help with the public downtown parking, but rather to accommodate patrons of his businesses. This location has been discussed for years. Seems the only feasible location downtown, and it will be a shame if it's used just for tourists staying in the massive hotel that's also being discussed.

Amy Basnett Daughtry

I am thankful that Beaufort is making progressive efforts to better our beautiful town.

Krisan Smunk Edlin

Sure, ruin the downtown and then extra parking won't be an issue.

Lynn Hopper

Dick Stewart is a great local businessman and contributor to the community. His vision is much like that of Charles Fraser on Hilton Head. The difference is that Fraser started with a close to blank slate. Dick did a stunning job of defending his plans, he's putting his money on the line. I was at the meeting, my only issue is the size and mass. All things said, I can always find a parking place downtown.

Mary Lou Blagg Brewton

"Will be available to the public unless the garage is booked." Always a catch it seems

Michelle Marley

Thank you Dick Stewart for caring and loving Beaufort as much as I do!

Krisan Smunk Edlin

Totally against this garage it will change the historical beauty of Beaufort!

Hannah Kim Robinson

Thank you Dick, they have been talking about that for 20 years and we need it!

Tommy Tucker

What would the Great Santini say?

Joseph Fox