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Rants & Raves: On the DEA firing a shot against legalizing marijuana

On the DEA saying marijuana has no medical use and putting it in the same category as heroin and LSD:

I didn't think decisions were up to the DEA. I was under the impression that the Drug Enforcement Agency simply enforces laws that were put into place by the judicial system. In this instance in particular, I did not know that the DEA also doubled as a medical advisory board.

Ethan Simons

DEA makes money off of this plant being illegal, so why would they want to help make it legal?

Shell Newkirk

I'm not a pot smoker, never have been and I still call BS on this one.

Lauren Brooks

Like prohibition in the 1920s, an intrusion into your personal liberties. This law insures a huge revenue stream for criminals at all levels from street characters to cartels and government officials.

Michael Henry Smith

The hypocrisy in our federal government is absolutely astounding and sickening.

Jonathan Miller

I do think there is value as far as painkilling for cancer patients and patients with seizures. I have a friend who has been a neurologist for 30 years and he said he would prescribe if he could. The problem is regulation.

Becky Crist

How can they say that when there's literally thousands of studies proving otherwise?

Steven Norton

Big pharmaceutical companies make sure the FDA says it's unsafe.

John Curwen

I think very few people agree with that decision.

Chelsea Liberty Burdette

Prescription drugs kill more people than heroin and we can get those at Walgreens.

Alberto R Hernandez Jr.

Don't you think the DEA wants to keep their revenue for marijuana busts?

William Alexander McDonnell

Marijuana is only a small part of the street drug problem. More problematic are script drugs that people fill and sell for resale on the street, and meth labs. Meth labs alone keep drug task forces in business in the south.

Wanda Callis

But let's destroy half a million jobs, a large portion of the small businesses that have been running successfully in the vaping industry, because healthy people don't pay the bills.

Lauren Bibaud

Example number 47 that the federal government is out of touch with what is going on in America.

Lenny Gee

I don't smoke the stuff, but I think putting it in the same category as heroin is very extreme!

Andrea Robinson

Looks like someone got paid off by big pharm.

Jos Vicars

So freaking ridiculous.

Janice Martin Allen

Last time I checked the DEA weren't doctors.

Krystal Serfass

It's their main source of revenue. Ask me if I want a massive pay cut and the answer will be "no.” They love seizing personal assets.

David Starry

Of course they would say that. They are the ones who started "The war on marijuana." It cuts into their pockets and they won't make any money!

Jamie Ackley Mervin