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Rants & Raves: On a Family Dollar that ejected a Muslim woman for security reasons

On a Family Dollar store that asked a woman in traditional Muslim garb to leave:

There are several stores in the panhandle of Florida that do not allow you to come in if you have sunglasses on or a hat. Security is important to be able to see the face.

Tammy Cothran

Due to security reasons they were perfectly fine to ask her to remove it or shop elsewhere. It's their store, it's their discretion. They didn't say, “Remove your garb because we don't like your religion.” It wasn't about religion. I also feel like, if she recorded it, she probably knew she'd be asked to leave and wanted attention for it.

Amanda Decker

It's not about religion, it's about safety. You unfortunately can't predict intentions. I've asked multiple people to remove hats, sunglasses, hoods or anything covering their face, for security purposes. It's sad that it has to be that way, but reality is often hard. I feel bad for the associate who was just doing her job.

Lisa C. Henry

As a former retail worker I find it a security risk not to be able to see people's faces.

Victoria Tuten

Wow. If someone was discriminated for wearing a cross necklace or a Kippah or Yamaka there would be a revolt and how their rights are being violated and freedom of religion. I hope she gets an apology from the company and the cashier be handle accordingly.

Anabel A Green

Most of the comments on the thread disregard Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Can't compare a religious garment to a baseball cap, as strict scrutiny standard applies to religious acts. But rules on hats and glasses will impact whether this was lawful.

If the store does not require all customers to remove sunglasses when they pop in on a road trip for a soda, they have an issue. For example, US govt requires face to be shown in passport photo for all.

Emily Wessel Farr

Nothing wrong with that. These days we don't know everyone else’s intentions. One thing is looking like a robber and another is wearing appropriate clothing cause definitely looking like that makes anyone wonder her/his intentions.

Cecilia P. Valencia

I agree with the store manager and hope the higher ups stand behind her. She had good reason from past experience.

Patricia Miller-Moulton

Try going into a bank without removing a motorcycle helmet.

George Garkusha

If it were a ski mask she was wearing, would it be okay? That's assuming it's a she.

Dennis Ryan

Well actually it is not such an unusual request considering the behaviors of some of these people. And If I were to enter a store wearing a mask I am sure I would be asked to remove it or leave as well. Welcome to America. If you cannot conform to our laws, bye bye.

Nikita Eileen Krupoderov

Security is no laughing matter. Not in our world, not anymore. Perhaps this woman and the Muslim group that " represents" her should take the matter up with the terrorists that created this animosity.

Jim McDermott

Some really ignorant comments here. This is her religion and the US protects religious freedom, even if it isn't the religion you practice. Entirely different than the bank robbers who wear hats and sunglasses to hide their identity. You can see her eyes. There are plenty of white extremists but they aren't banned from stores. Why should she?

Sharon Lowe

Wouldn't white extremists be considered a following not a religion?

Ashley Michelle Parlagreco

She has a right to wear whatever she wants. Just like the store has a right to protect their employees. Would anybody be upset if they asked her to remove a ski mask? This has nothing to do with discrimination.

Tony Trapp

I cannot go into pay for gas with my helmet on. This is no different. Yes I understand religious freedom. However, the world we live in requires all of us to follow the rules. This is not in my opinion a case of discrimination.

Doreen DeMann Ward