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Rants & Raves: On county shrimping, new major retail names

On the downturn in Beaufort County shrimping:

Everyone should always try to buy local. I am not purchasing imported seafood.

Mindy Zook-Weaver

I so enjoy seeing those boats out and about. I presumed that I was eating local shrimp when I went out to eat. Now I will make sure before I buy. If not no service from me.

Charles Clark

Nothing like fresh shrimp off the boat. Please support our fishermen and shrimpers and buy local.

Ann Taylor

I won't buy farmed seafood. Wild shrimp taste totally different..sweet and not mushy.

Gail Saukas

I was living in Savannah in the 1970s. The story then was the Japanese could buy up the entire shrimp catch, process them and sell them back to us cheaper than American shrimpers, processors and markets. Never ending problems for shrimpers.

Martha Donaldson

This is a shame. Stop buying imported seafood. You don't know what you are getting.

Reva Fulton

Our local grocery stores should carry more local products.

Tyna Graven Couch

At a supermarket on the island last year I saw local shrimp priced lower than the farm raised product. With the local product in short supply, I'd rather the restaurants and seafood retailers get the product.

Rick Hawley

I'll miss those beautiful boats.

Gavin Sanders

Locals need to buy locally instead of the imported stuff. At least we know where it is from!

Jennifer Blair Earl

Good luck with that. People talk a good game about wanting local, wanting fresh, not wanting imported/factory farmed produce. The part they leave out is they want it for the same price as imported and factory farmed that was shipped halfway around the world.

Jonathon Hanson

I keep saying the government needs to increase the tax on imported products. It will hurt us for a while but once thing settle down we will have our jobs and businesses back.

Rob McComas

I find it really strange that here in Augusta, Ga, only 120 or so miles away, shrimp come from halfway around the world and is cheaper. How can that be? And it certainly isn't healthier.

James Brown

This family would surely miss Gay Fish Company if it went out of business.

Susan Garrett Bagwell

Beaufort shrimp is the best.

Sandra Cash

I always purchase locally from Sea Island Market when I'm home and so does my family.

Samantha Lowther


Rich Conte

Great article very well written I know all these guys it also mentions my market that burn in Port Royal last year.

Jim Kernodle

On brand names readers would like to see come to Beaufort County:

Personally, I am sick of all the brand names. Years ago when my daughter was born, I had to travel to Savannah for most of the things I needed. That was okay. I chose to live in a quaint area without the city feel. If people want a city feel, than move to a city. Let's keep our low country towns unspoiled by construction! It all makes me very sad.

Kristen Bishop

Costco is great and it's also a really good neighbor - unlike some others I could name.

Martha Donaldson

Definitely Trader Joe’s.

Marianne Lorine Kinsey

Trader Joe’s.

Arinn Johnson Wardell

Trader Joe’s.

Gina Dunnam Denckhoff


Gelsey Lorish

Trader Joe’s.

Mary Rozek

Trader Joe’s! IKEA!

Leslie Lessig Walker


Brittany Arnold Rybinski

Remove Walmart and put in Wegmans and Trader Joe’s.

Karen Friedmann Gannon

It's overgrown. Lost its luster. Too commercial.

Jill Simms


Kathy Iacono Gibbons

Sheetz. Duh.

Brian A. Canada

How about something for kids, please? Like Monkey Joe’s.

Kathy Iacono Gibbons


Sharon Hillegass

A Target in Beaufort.

Kathryn Lapides