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Rants & Raves: On redevelopment at Coligny

On Coligny redevelopment:

As a resident I say to the other residents, chill out. You like your property values rising (way faster than the national average, btw), you like the low taxes, you complain about how run down some parts of the island are, but freak the heck out when someone suggests change...any change. Relax! The tourists drive this economy, without them the island would whither away.

Joshua Hirsch

Why don't you go up to Folly Beach and ask property owners how life is there! We met locals that said they have sat in two and three hour traffic just getting off the island to go 15 minutes from their home. Tourism is nice and we have all this island needs and can withstand. We are going to open a can of worms that we can't close. Careful what you wish for drawing attention like this. It will no longer be a place to live it will be a circus.

Stephanie Garmon

How about something that could actually benefit everyone. Maybe a thirrd bridge lane going onto the island.

Nick Marcengill

I have a great idea. Why don't the majority of you that want to complain and moan about everything attend some town meetings, give input, and become part of the solution.

Steve Likins

I don't understand why people are upset about this, it will benefit everyone- tourists and locals alike.

Alli Neumann Roberts

Our elected loons are turning this area into a tourist attraction and a hellhole for locals.They have the "Build it and they will come" mentality. Well, that is destroying the entire Beaufort County area (especially HHI and Bluffton) and turning us into another Myrtle Beach. They are also under the delusion that growth pays for itself in the increased revenue that it generates, but growth never brings in enough revenue to pay for all the extra infrastructure that is needed, and taxes always have to be raised. Enough is enough. The new slogan should read: “Build it, and locals will leave.”

Terry Wright

I think HHI gets enough tourist attraction. The south end of the island is pretty much a walking or biking only zone April thru September. You can not really drive that area in a car because it gets so congested. How about make more attractions mid island? Or not at all? There's only so much you can cram onto that island, jeez.

Connie Marie Thompson

We have been making annual visits to HHI since 1978, so we have witnessed the transformation of the island. We loved the formerly private type paradise with quaint, locally-owned shops run by friendly islanders. We could talk with them about the island, its history and life living there. We could slow down and wile away the days at a slow pace. We always returned home rested and with fond memories of special times. It was a definite getaway. The past few years we've basically endured a hustling, bustling crowded tourist location like so many others. We last visited over Thanksgiving 2015. It was less than enjoyable with crowds, bicycles everywhere and excessive traffic. Progress and money have prevailed. We will treasure our memories.

Margaret Riffle

All I am reading is is a bunch of residents complaining about growth and not having a voice. Sorry, but when your economy relies on tourism, you are limited.

Jeramie Rose

I wish I could go back in time to when I moved here in 1991. Hilton Head was a unique spot. Now it is starting to look like "Any Vacation Town, USA." It truly is very sad.

Kristen Bishop

Just don't get it. Where are these people going to park?

Janice Martin Allen

Wasting money. Don't forget about the locals. We live here year round.

Dimitrious Howell

Locals are here year-round, what could benefit our area for the better, just not tourist time?

Megan Jackson

Why don't they spend more money on the locals a beach access? Why make Coligny the only place that gets upgrades?

Dawn Floyd Hudgens

We should offer free trolley service to the beach to help with the parking situation.

Margit Vaughn

I want to know the plan for South Forest (the road I live on) and all the extra parking they will need.

Kathleen Beckering

As a frequent visitor to the island I am very happy to hear this. What was once a jewel has fallen and the shops across the street near the beach are trashy.

Scott R. Templeton