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Rants & Raves: On sheriff’s deputy disarming gunman, Woman charged in vehicle death

On a Beaufort County sheriff’s deputy that shot a gun out of a suspect’s hand:

I’m so glad that the color of the persons involved wasn’t the highlight of the headline. Every time I see officers involved, the news is always trying to point out the color of the assailant and that the officer was the opposite color. But in Beaufort, it don’t matter. Do something stupid, you get handled in the same way, regardless of color!

Kat Bee Troy

Thank the good Lord the deputy is alive and not facing any bogus charges.

Patricia Given

Another worthless mouth for the taxpayers to feed. I’d bet every penny I’ve got this guy has been to jail many times before this.

Robert McCaleb

Thank God it didn’t turn out any worse than what it was.

Helen Bennett

Lucky it was only his hand!

Thomas Busbee

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Vic Yancey

Way to go, deputy!

John Maag

Little Joe Cartwright.

Jonnie Mccarthan


Nathan Novotny

On a woman charged with felony DUI after the death of a St. Helena man:

DUI? After convicted she can get as little as 5-6 years. An innocent 24 year old was killed (not just seriously injured). Where are the manslaughter or reckless homicide charges? This is ridiculous.

Tiana Monet Felony

How about vehicular homicide?

Terrie Ruge

No excuse for her decision to drink and drive. Give her every charge allowable. A life taken and so young! Let her set in jail and think about how stupid she is! Drunk drivers piss me off they never get hurt , their innocent victims and their families suffer because of your stupid actions.

Pam Hurley-Hand

I feel sorry for the family to lose such a young educated man that would probably have done a lot more good for the world than this woman under the influence. I am glad she survived so hopefully the justice system will prevail. #ALLhumanlivesmatter

Mike L McHale

She should be dead, her actions have ruined multiple lives and taken away someone who never even got a chance to really live a life.

Jack Martin Davis

Should be manslaughter at minimum, maybe even murder since she used the vehicle as a weapon. Not sure about leaving the scene since it says she was trapped. Hope they don’t screw up and charge her wrong and she walks away scott free.

Heather Toole Hawkins

I’ve known this young man since he was a toddler. A genius musician. He was coming from church! He was well loved because of his outstanding character. Please do not do this community a grave disservice and injustice by wrist slapping someone who stole a community’s beloved son.

Robbin Barlow Evangelist Barrett

I don’t get why this piece of trash wasn’t charged with vehicular homicide.

Evan Stiner

To take such a talented young man that had so much more life to live, I hope you have a permanent spot in jail!

Stephanie Lynn McAlhaney

Shame on all drunk drivers.

Michèle Hipp Noël

How is this not vehicular manslaughter? Can anyone explain this to me?

Rosalia Villarruel Fuega

There better more charges.

Janie Dupont

Until DUI charges are stricter, this will continue. Especially people with money for an expensive attorney, who will get the charges changed to reckless driving. And it’s rare that this is their first time behind the wheel drunk. I’ve been there. God was on the highway the times I have driven drunk. Not for me, but for others. DUI has cost me a lot, but thank God it didn’t cost the lives of others.

Rebecca Gravel

My lord what a mugshot!

Sara Breland Gray

That’s all she’s charged with?!

Dana A Mungin


Connie Robinson