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Rants & Raves: On canceled July 4th fireworks at Shelter Cove

On canceled July 4th fireworks at Shelter Cove:

Bluffton friends: the display at Okatie Ale House was great and started on time. Support there next year. This is the second year in a row that Shelter Cove disappointed. They were late at Skull Creek Boathouse also. If you're up for a drive that's the same amount of time as going to Shelter Cove, then the Parris Island/Port Royal displays are superb and extremely patriotic.

Amber Blakes

Parris Island's and Port Royal's were awesome! Sorry for the folks at Shelter Cove!

Elena Hawkins

People act like it was cancelled intentionally to inconvenience everyone. Surely they had their reason(s). It's unfortunate but when did we become such a pitchfork society?

Michael Rapoport

I've heard several rumors about what happened. One thing that is common among the different rumors is the Shelter Cove knew long before they announced the cancellation that they were canceled and they didn't share this with the public and allowed them to keep coming and waiting. This is what makes everyone angry, people could have gone other places to see fireworks had they known about the cancellation.

Eric Mohrman

My children went to Shelter Cove to see them as well and though we would have like to see them things happen and it didn't ruin our holiday because our family was together and safe and that is all that counts in the big picture. At least nothing catastrophic happened and many people have events that end in real tragedy. The locals and tourists can see them every Tuesday and Friday. To those responsible for the event it's OK and better luck next year.

Stephanie Garmon

Maybe all the angry, selfish people won't go to HHI next year so people with patience, understanding and the true love for the island can enjoy the 4th without dealing with complainers.

Lisa Meadows Edwards

I don't think it's selfish to be angry when you pay money for events and restaurants on a specific night that you're keeping your little ones out late with the anticipation of fireworks. They don't do it for the love of the island. They do it for the love of our country and celebrating it. It's a special day! We didn't venture out there, but we did see the fireworks display absolutely on time in Okatie (where the set them off in Sun City). Our kids look forward to it for weeks. I remember the 4th being a special day when I was a kid, too. Not selfish at all. Fun and celebratory! I think people were most upset that they weren't notified before 9pm so they couldn't make alternative plans. Completely understandable.

Marion Elizabeth Bohn

There's more important things to get upset about in this world instead of throwing a tantrum because the entitled didn't get a fireworks show.

Cathryn J Miller

I'm sitting here reading comments thinking, “You're upset that you didn't see a free event, and still call it unpatriotic because you didn't have fireworks on 4th of July? How about just be happy you live in a nation with so much privilege that you can be upset about not getting free fireworks!” Really?

Ana Ramirez

It was disappointing that the fireworks at Skull Creek didn't go off on time. There were many people who left and the kids were exhausted at 10:00pm with still no fireworks. We left at 10pm when no one had any idea if they would go off or not. We saw a few through the woods at 10:15 or so but they sure didn't last very long. If the hosts are going to advertise and push for everyone to participate by supporting their restaurants and such, then they need to have a vendor who will uphold their part of the agreement. I head this was the 2nd time in 3 years.

Rich Moore

As soon as the persons responsible for organizing the show knew that there was going to be no show at Shelter Cove, they could have called the Packet, local radio, TV stations to get the word out. Why did the organizers not take a few minutes to at least place updates on social media? Amazing how I can get SMS updates on my phone from the Town of Hilton Head about traffic and storm issues there, and yet the organizers of this couldn't get the word out in a timely fashion. This blatant lack of communication will not help the businesses in Shelter Cove for future events.

John Digweed