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Rants & Raves: On an assault rifle ban, USCB Hilton Head campus

On a national poll which says most Americans want to ban assault rifles but keep guns for self defense:

As long as the gun grabbers attempt to create an illusion as to what an assault weapon actually is, there is no way I would support a ban on cosmetically designed legal guns.

Stevie Clymer

The general American public can't define assault weapon, so, they should first have to answer that question. Politicians prey on the stupidity of the American populous.

Katie Mankin

I wish they would conduct a poll to how many people know what they are talking about. I am sure it would be pitiful and sad.

Garrett Tweedy

Politicians cannot even get it right.

Brenda Butler

All gun laws are illegal and do nothing to keep you safe. Criminals don't follow laws. We have a ban on drugs and there are criminals with drugs everywhere.

Shane Morgan

We already have an assault weapons ban. Gosh, people are clueless. There's a difference, a big one ,in what is an assault rifle and a black rifle. Full auto to start with.

Tom Johnson

Politicians prey on the fear of the American public, they keep talking about more gun laws, the only people that will affect are the legal gun owners who do not commit crimes with their guns. We have background checks, as a matter of fact three of these mass murders would have been stopped if the FBI and the ATF would have been doing their jobs and stopped these people from purchasing a gun.

Jim Thibault

The reason most people support an assault weapons ban is because most people do not know that assault weapons were already banned in the 80s.

Wendi Lynn

Yep, 1986. If they were on the registry prior to that than they are transferable. Unless you have $20k burning a hole in your pocket than good luck.

Jackson Nathan

We should also ban crack/cocaine, methamphetamines, murder, and rape. Making these things illegal will keep us safe!

Ethan Simons

The people who support that aren't Americans, so you mean to tell me I can't defend myself when it's well known that terrorists want to come over here and specifically kill white people?! And then you're going to try and tell me which guns I can't use in order to defend myself from terrorists who are using AK's and bombs? Liberals have really screwed this country up!

Ryan Wheeler

Already is an assault weapons ban, an AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

Brent Densmore

Ban liquor and beer to stop drunk drivers ---not gonna make a difference.

Eric Karen Ward

I wonder how many think we should ban semi-automatic rifles?

Bruce Updyke

I saw it on the internet so it must be true, right? Such crap!

Jim McDermott

Other than the thrill of target shooting with an assault weapon, what is the practical use of it in the civilian sector?

Frances Evans Goethe

Banning any gun is only going to make it worse.

Gavin Sanders

On a University of South Carolina-Beaufort expansion planned for Hilton Head Island:

Iit's about time that the island gets a fresh feel. New non stucco buildings and some culture.

Stori Pemberton

Conceptually I think a college campus is fine, however, I don't think anything more should be built that would increase cars on the island until we figure out how to solve the serious infrastructure problems we have.

Eileen Fischer

I think a community has to know its strengths; while Hilton Head has many strengths economically, environmentally and artistically, I don't know if the island is the best place for a college campus.

Jeremy Mitchell

It doesn't really matter what we think. They're going to build whatever and wherever they want. The decisions have already been made.

Bruce Updyke

Great location for a needed addition to our educational facilities.

Joseph C. Jacobs

You are ruining the island with your constant building.

Reva Fulton

I like the idea of a campus in town, but heard the only classes taught are directly related to hospitality and tourism. A college to teach how to be better servants? If this is true, I hope it would eventually expand to obtaining science or art degrees, too.

Ellie Stewart

We don't need a campus on the Island, especially when there is one already off-island that is very convenient. We also don't need the expense or the additional traffic. The island is going to hell, thanks to our elected representatives.

Terry Wright

Bad location. Traffic!

Barbara Roy