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Rants & Raves: Does Old Town need a hotel?

On a proposed 13-room hotel coming to Old Town Bluffton:

I like the idea of Old Town Bluffton being a mixed-use area but I also like the idea that the people who live there get it back to themselves at night. No overnight stays please.

Chris Short

Please, you've got maybe 4 city blocks of "charm" and no parking. Sometimes I think we need to get over ourselves a little bit.

Sheri Brown

Something would be nice in OT, however, let's develop some productive ideas on parking before you build another building in Old Town.

Chris O'Donnell

It's no longer Old Town. Not much old about it anymore.

Kathy Jeffers

I see two issues-noise and parking.

Shelly Lasek Valentino

Isn't there a humongous parking problem there already?

Charles Clark


Jane Pitts


Becky Crist

Everyone gasps when I say I'm a local and they follow with, “You're one of the few left.” Yes I am. And I don't mind change but it really is a shame that Bluffton has changed so much and it's lost its small town charm. When I ride through that part of town and see Mercedes, Audi's,Tesla's, and you speak to people and they ignore you or look the other way, it bothers me. Old Town isn't what it used to be. But all they are concerned with is the money. Again I don't have a problem with change I have a problem with people who think they are too high class to speak to someone whom they don't know. That's the kind of people we are drawing to the heart of our small town.

Elizabeth Tuyls

I think it's wonderful! It beats "another restaurant" as that's what everyone usually gripes about as well as a closer option instead of having guests stay at Holiday Inn Express or Comfort Inn. Not to mention folks it's only 13 rooms, not 130. I'm sure it'll all be valet so just relax. Old Town can handle 13 more cars.

Khristina Zayac-Reinheardt

I've lived here 45 years and the one thing that has never changed is that every new resident wants to close the gate to Bluffton as soon as they walk through it.

Wally Palmer

Wow. Bluffton is losing all of its charm. So sad to hear this!

Vicki Shivers

What I want to know is what building and zoning regulations would allow this to happen? I guess the ones Old Town apparently doesn't have. How convenient for the developers and their town council buddies.

Linda Keller

No no no and no! Seriously town council, if you approve this, you've gone crazy! No!

Katie Mankin

Let me guess; One of our local legislators has a piece of the action. And please, "don't worry about the parking."

Jeff Laben

Big mistake.

Anita Bonaminio Krimm

But those beautiful homes on and around Calhoun can't be B&Bs?

Denise DeNephew

Here we go again. The whiners of the Lowcountry. It's a free market! Don't want a hotel then buy the land, babies.

Jeff West

There goes the neighborhood.

Jody Berko Kenny


Christina Colleran Burnett

Yup, that'll sure resolve our parking issue in that area.

Matt Cavner

Love! So happy for progress and lots of people!

Patti Anne Poirier

People still stay at hotels?

Steven Smith

I like the idea of an upscale boutique Inn. A charming, southern residence would look nice there. The article states the owner has the parking issue covered. In the rear of the building I'm sure. I hope.

Anne Lewis

Hilton Head 2.

Bobby Paszek

Yankees are a virus.

Sean Hannahs

No! Stop building and taking away from our beautiful charming town!

Carla Jo

There goes the feel of a small town again.

Reva Fulton

How about build more affordable living.

Latesha Crawley