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Rants & Raves: Neighbors complain not enough trees covering new Bluffton Walmart


On the not-yet-completed Bluffton Walmart drawing criticism from neighbors:

"Mr. Walton, tear down this wall!"

Ben Boswell

People complain about anything and everything. You're offended by the wall? Maybe wait until it's finished and landscaping is done before crying. I'm offended by the cost of a daily work pass for the Crescent. Use the back gate so not to see the "wall" while waiting at the traffic light.

Joe Newberry

They should write a book "The complaints of SC people" to show how petty complaints are in SC!

GW Anderson

There's no way that they're ever going to be able to cover up that monstrosity with hand planted vegetation. It should have been a huge red flag when they started ripping out all of the trees including many around the perimeter of the property. And putting the backside of the building facing 278 - what - is WalMart deliberately giving Bluffton's Design Review Board, and Bluffton's citizens the proverbial middle finger with that configuration? How many companies ever place their backside to a major highway like that? None, that's how many. I say wait till it's finished then require them to rip it all out and start over.

Bryan L Wheeler-Mastropole

Excellent timing on the article because now the building is beige. You can probably just change the headline to people complaining about beige and repost it.

Chris Short

Guess the younger generation doesn't mind the destruction of trees and foliage. "Pave everything because there's no time to take care of it with our oh so busy lives."

Patricia Miller-Moulton

My two sons ages 6 and 8 literally gasped and got angry (then sad) when they saw all the trees got chopped down earlier in the construction. They said "But we need those trees! Are they going to plant some more since they killed the other trees?!" Let's hope Wally-World won't make me a liar.

Keiko Kay Yoshida Holton

I think this is going to be a mess both traffic-wise and total look. I can sure wait for this one to happen. Bluffton is no longer a state of mind. It's a mess.

Ann Caruso

It's not enough to simply vote: we need to keep an eye on our local politicians who are making decisions that impact our greater community, and become more active when we disagree with their decisions. We (citizens) were all asleep at the wheel for this one.

Chris Grant

The same people complaining will be shopping there when it's done.

Mike Cruikshank

Nothing like looking at the back of a cinder block building as you pass through to the island. Not sure there will be enough landscaping to hide it at all.

Ann Caruso

Haha. While we're at it I would like to complain about the rusty piece of metal "art" when you first get onto the island!

Tyler Smith

Nothing much uglier than a Walmart type big box building. If you don't like them then don't shop there.

Paul Spencer

I just miss all of the trees, Bluffton is starting to seem so barren.

Jared Rigdon

Can't stop progress but it doesn't mean we have to like it.

Ann Caruso

People can't find nothing better to complain about than a gray wall!

Lesa Murrell

Another example of lack of planning. I think it's hard to have a good sense of humour about destroying the beauty of this area. There must be another way they could have built this.

Bonnie Phillips

It looks like a prison.

Karen Kowalczyk Wilson

Good grief people, it's not even done yet.

Nita Fox

First world problems.

Stephanie Spurgeon Stephens

It's the lifestyles of the rich and famous darling!

Steven Bower

It's not even finished! Stop your complaining.

Steven Nadel