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Rants & Raves: SC laws against saggy pants

A man wears pants well below the waist as he walks on a street in Nashville, Tenn.
A man wears pants well below the waist as he walks on a street in Nashville, Tenn. AP file

On a South Carolina town approving legislation against saggy pants:

I hate seeing morons with their pants down to their knees. However, I hate to see laws made to control those actions more.

Evan Stiner

As much as I think wearing saggy pants is stupid, idiotic and just a way for some to shove it in your face, I am totally against laws like this. Where will it stop? Just because someone wants to be an idiot, there are no laws against it!

Brenda L. Carr

Ridiculous. What’s funny to me is, usually the main people pushing these ordinances are Republicans. The party of smaller government. Yet, they want to control what people wear and who they marry and what restroom they are allowed to use.

Timothy Pate

I am a Republican, and I’m so against this. I think it’s absolutely crazy. I have a son that does it. Although I am constantly saying pull your pants up, I would be pretty mad if he actually got in real trouble for expressing his own style.

Tonya Stone Roddy

Glad the article covered Councilwoman Qualls’ comments on the matter. She’s right that section D is the sticking point. The rest of it’s boilerplate stuff and fine for a community that feels like it needs to make rules about public nudity, but section D is where you get into a profiling situation. That’s the kind of thing that pushes cops to harass a certain segment of the population more than others, which will lead to escalated levels of distrust, which can lead to more opportunities for violence. It’s a slippery slope.

Andrew Conlon

If it was passed in Jasper County a few years ago, the law enforcement officers must not be aware of it, because I have been the the DQ in Ridgeland and seen thugs walking around in the DQ/ joint store combo with police officers standing right there looking at them but they never once approached them.

James Andrew Williams Sr.

It’s ridiculous and plain stupid! To all those doing that, you might as well go in underwear or boxers!

Cecilia P. Valencia

I do think some of us consider it indecent exposure. Everyone is on the bandwagon that every little thing is offensive to them so here goes this, it’s offensive to lots of people.

Debbie Hantzmon Marshall

It’s called self-respect. No law can make you have it. You say don’t look, but when there are five people with their pants at their knees how can I not see it? There are actual laws like this in many towns and cities, and you can be fined.

Chrissie Lynn

Just another way to imprison minorities, I guess free speech is the next to go. I’m all for pulling your damn pants up but a law, with everything going on, this is what our government thinks about? You wanna fix something, fix the rigged voting system, put Hillary in jail for deserting those who were in Benghazi, and let’s find an alternative to a Republican nominee.

Andrew Martin

I definitely hate seeing sagging pants. In my opinion, it is a sign of disrespect. Having to put a law in place to control this issue is disheartening. I consider it a PG-13 issue, and many parents do not want their children seeing such a display. When I am out in public and see such a case, it’s difficult to hold back and not say something.

Lisa Buechler Messmer