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Rants & Raves: Hiring and subs in Beaufort County schools

Readers react to the story, "Moss played key role in hiring of N.C. attorney":

They needed an attorney to sort out what legal bills they should and shouldn't be paying? Any "savings" hiring counsel would only be considered as such if those funds weren't spent elsewhere (as in the hiring of the superintendent's wife at $90K/year). These issues being brought to light give me serious pause concerning the school board's judgment. Bill Fletcher

Anyone who can use Google can learn all about the N.C. issues. Most grocery stores do a better of screening their new hires than the school board appears to manage. Wanda Callis

Good ole boys club. Please boot these ... out of office. At least my representative voted against (Superintendent Jeff) Moss. Sarah White Baird

School board chairman Bill Evans is manifestly incompetent (at best) and should resign. He lacks basic management skills (e.g., how to perform due diligence) and is tone deaf on ethics. The board should remove him and if it fails to do so, the public should recall him and them. Daniel Westerbeck

How embarrassing. Can't we make this go away, or does politics just dominate everything? Glad my children didn't go to school here. Makes me want to move away ... Leslie P H Gilroy

So, the BCSD has been paying $400K-$500K for legal services of a part-time nature from a legal firm (assume multiple lawyers) and expects to get better service from a single lawyer that is being paid 75 percent less? How do Moss and the BCSD justify paying an attorney $125,000 when they were ready to pay the "director of innovation" $90,000? Rick Dextraze

To the story, "Substitute stipends for Beaufort County teachers new this year":

How could some schools know (about the stipend) but not others? What kind of answer is "it's possible we didn't do as good a job as we should to get the word out?" Are you kidding? Teachers get a direct email of every press release and the minutes for every board meeting and work session. This was clearly deliberate. I think lawyers would call it arbitrary and capricious. ... If they paid stipends to any teachers last year and it was through their failure to make it known to all school administrators, then they must pay retroactively. Martha Sette

Here's a question that will confuse everyone on the school board. Why can't assistant teachers get a stipend if they have no substitute when the teacher is absent? I'm referring to the elementary schools. Adrian Tolliver

In W.Va., district-level employees are mandated to cover for subs at least twice a year! I think that would be a great opportunity for those that make school policy to actually experience and handle the classroom setting. That way the classroom setting is fresh in their minds when they create policies. Heather Doray

Well done Beaufort County School District. Debbie Spies Lacovara

To the story, "It's official: Hilton Head Island Ironman 70.3 triathlon approved for October 2016":

I have to get a new bike! Peter O'Reilly

I live 400 feet in from the route, which either gives me an awesome seat or significant incentive to go out of town during the event. Greg Bennett

Excellent work to make this possible! Martin Lesch

It's funny how two different groups of people have such significant opposing views, but sometimes you have to look at the pluses and the minuses and make a decision. Steve Likins

Looks like a good time for locals to plan to be away. Marcia Collett