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Rants & Raves: On Georgia’s ‘sexiest teacher alive’

On a Georgia teacher that received national attention after photos of her classroom attire went viral:

It's a nice dress, why do the hand wringers freak out about everything?

Robert Klenke

I'm just glad we finally have an official title holder for "Sexiest Teacher Alive." It's an area that I have always felt should be more competitive.

Dawn Lucas Pemberton

I'm just jealous.

Kirsten Fletcher

No to her pink dress and this is why. Every time I see an article over some girl getting sent home over a dress code violation it's because the school says they don't want the boys to be distracted, or something to that effect. If she is teaching 4th grade then I'm thinking there will be little boys all kinds of distracted by her wardrobe choice. Don't give me this "her body, her choice" stuff either. She chose to be a teacher for the love of educating young minds. Then she needs to remember that and put that first. Do not let your wardrobe be a distraction from that.

Melodie Willis Goldé

Wow. Has anyone asked how her students do? Has anyone asked what her credentials are? No. All people care about is what she is wearing. How about letting her work speak for itself and piss off about what she wears? If you want an opinion on her clothes, buy them for her.

Amanda Valentino Ragsdale

Teachers should dress professionally so students will focus on the curriculum and not their curves.

Stevie Jay

Stop demonizing the human body.

Brian Scott Vosicky

Her clothing is too tight and revealing. She is lovely but needs to be educated on what constitutes work appropriate attire. Many young women do not know what defines this. Other posts show some of her other clothing choices. Tight shirt and sexy is not professional business attire. Present yourself seriously to be taken seriously. One has to conform to society norms even a little bit or youre going to hear about it. That's life in the grown up world.

Jennifer LaFlamme

America is getting ridiculous towards women and how we dress. Constantly you hear Americans complaining how wrong it is that Middle Eastern countries cover their women but every time I turn around that's what they're trying to do to us here. I don't see men and boys getting chastised for tight fitting wrestling gear and football pants as if we have no hormones. It's a shame we live in a society that treats males like they are nothing but a ball of uncontrollable hormones then act all shocked when they act like that.

Erin Nichols Lawson

Absolutely not appropriate. Someone should ask her what street corner she was working the night before.

Lisa Buechler Messmer

Sexy dressing isn't appropriate for a school setting.

Paula Panepinto Tilley

"Sexy" is such a subjective term. She could wear a brown paper bag and still be considered sexy. If it doesn't violate the school's policy or dress code, it's a non issue.

Christine Elizabeth

I've seen several educators in Beaufort with similar attire; not as flattering though. As long as she is doing her job, and not breaking any dress code at her place of employment shouldn't be a problem.

Lanitra Campbell

How many of you women saying to leave her alone would find it acceptable for your daughter to be in a classroom with a male teacher that wore skin tight clothing? There is a point where professionalism is involved and I think that is lost on most people.

Kevin O'Brien

In my school district teachers have dress code as well as students. Clothing that is tight or form fitting like skinny jeans or body-con dress has been deemed inappropriate. Not suitable for any professional work environment. Put on a blazer.

Asha Berry

Shut it! It's her body! She's beautiful and conservative!

Lyndsay Leteliier

If this was so much about acceptance of the body than the teachers spanx wouldn’t show through her tightfitting dress.

Jessica Noble

Why is this news?

David Crand

I am a firm believer that young teachers need to start at elementary and when of age 40 or older then rotate to high school.

Ari Prz

That is totally inappropriate for any grade level! Keep it for social activities.

Ginger Williams Garner


Chris Davenport

Is she single?

Chris Hensley

A bit much for my tastes but I'm old.

Steve Lambert

Not appropriate for a teacher.

Dave Keener

As I quote Joe Dirt, ‘Dang!’

Hal Mitchell