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Rants & Raves: On a new car dealership, KFC coming to Beaufort

Who is in charge of this foolishness? Last thing we need is another DG, Parkers, a car dealership. I mean, what happened to fun parks and arcades or something to do?

Snugglez Renee

Just what we need, another car dealership! Why doesnt someone build something for our kids? Lord knows there is nothing here for our youth. Very disappointing, Beaufort big wigs!

Christine Negron

This is purely stupid. We don't need that at all! Can we stop ripping apart this town? It used to be beautiful here. Now it looks like mass manufactured garbage!

Cynthia Love

Wow, more horrible city planning. Why in the world are those still residing there allowing the place to be ruined? Boggles my mind that the citizens are allowing the destruction of what makes the place great. A few years from now and it will just be another dime a dozen much too big town on the coast. Horrible. Stop voting these people in the seats!

Jennifer Reynolds-Silvas

Get a life, people. How about this. Go spend millions on some land and permits then let the irate people tell you what you need to do with it instead of building your business. That by the way will create numerous jobs and add to the economy.

Morgan Jeffers

We need something fun for families and kids.

Silos Silos

This is so disappointing! How about something fun for families to do?

Lindsey Battle

Why not build something for families or teens to do? Or how about stop destroying beautiful land? What a shame. They are taking this small beautiful town and making it into anothr Hilton Head, caring more about tourists and retired then the locals.

Stephanie Lynn McAlhaney

I have read "something for the kids to do" 100 times, but I've not read what the residents of Beaufort County want, exactly. I've read so much complaining about "they," who were elected by popular vote, but the population doesn't know what "they" are doing. Please go to your county council meetings. Voice your opinions. Tell "they" what you want, specifically. Remember, your interests are governed "of the people, by the people, for the people." If you don't tell your governing body what you want, then you can't complain about what you get.

Melodi Brooks

This is not progress. We do not want more car dealerships, gas stations or chicken restaurants. We have the worst city planers in Beaufort. They need someone from Bluffton to help them. Maybe if we don't patronize these businesses somebody will get the message.

Leslie Elkins Cooke

The bottom line is money talks and the poor and the working class complain. Beaufort is on the water. People with money like places by the water. People with money will get what they want by spending money on elected officials to get what they want. What’s happening to Beaufort was only a matter of time.

Eric White-Russell

I can't wait for all you who say we need "this" and "that" here to invest and open/build/bring it all to enjoy.

James Still

I wish it was a Longhorn!

Danyel Bolding

This is not big. A Target would've been big.

Alex Miller

Has Beaufort ever heard of a mall? Cause we really need one.

Willie Smalls


Jayme Dick Bowman