Liz Farrell

‘Southern Charm’ star Shep Rose proves to his Twitter trolls he paid attention in school

Shep Rose appears in Bravo’s “RelationShep.”
Shep Rose appears in Bravo’s “RelationShep.” Brianna Stello/Bravo

If you’re not already following “Southern Charm” and “RelationShep” star Shep Rose on Twitter, I highly recommend you do.

Bravo’s lovable logophile — and Hilton Head Island native — is already known for using words that his fans have to Google just so they can understand whatever the heck he said (which, oopsy, I might have just now done to you ... a “logophile” is someone who loves words. Why didn’t I just say that instead? I don’t know. Who got the cat in Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo’s breakup? That’s a way more important question). On Twitter, Shep is no different. He regularly treats trolls to his goofy but quick wit and throws in some high-priced vocab every once and again.

And it’s fun to watch.

The fifth season of “Southern Charm” doesn’t premiere until April 5 (check out the preview here) so until then we’ll all have to make do with these amuse-bouches.

Hilton Head native and star of the Charleston-based Bravo reality show "Southern Charm," Shep Rose appeared at Hilton Head’s The Boardroom on Wednesday night and gave a friend a heartfelt knuckle rub and gave hugs all around.

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