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Readers react to 5-hour bus commutes to Hilton Head

Online readers react to our stories about Hilton Head Island workers who commute by bus five hours a day:

These people are amazing! They will go that far for work and to put food on their table. I have so much respect for them. Just wish that there was more affordable housing for them closer to their jobs. Or at least the resorts should pay their rides everything they have to board that bus! I’m an Uber driver and I have driven several workers here from the Philippines. The resort shells out that money for their rides and not to mention their housing. Just don’t understand why they can’t do it for these people.

Elena Hawkins

What is interesting is the narrative among some voters is that people in these socio-economic and ethnic groups are lazy, not pulling their weight, sitting around watching TV living off the tax dollars of others. Glad to see a news organization actually take the time to report the truth.

Taunya Henderson

I work on one of the resorts on the south end of the island and the people in this article are what a lot of our employees do. They are the most respectful and nicest, hard working, family oriented people you would ever meet. The people who say housing should be made available do not understand the culture. More buses and alternatives should be made to make the commute easier and staggering the times. Everyone should have seat.

Cathleen Meghan

This is sad. I lived on Hilton Head and Bluffton for 3 years back in the mid 80’s. I worked with a girl who drove from past Savannah every day to work at Hilton Head Hospital. With as much as hotels and restaurants make, they can afford to pay workers better wages.

Sandy Boyd Brown

In this article, the people want to live where they live (Allendale in this case) but they are doing this commute because they can’t find jobs in Allendale or ones that pay as much. I admire them for their dedication and work ethic — seems like a rough way to make a living, but they are doing so to provide for their families.

Valerie Logue Ore

Looks like the hotels and other businesses who hire them could at least pay half or something?! God bless each and every one of them! I’ve been through SC’s “corridor of shame,” it’s embarrassing that more money and development isn’t funneled into that area.

Sherri Jean Varner

Very humbling.

Sandie Cain Witt

God bless them!

Betsy West

Wow. I had no idea folks were coming that far.

David Sisk

This is disgusting. These companies would not succeed without these people. They should buy the tickets for the bus and hand them out to their dependable employees. That’s the least they can do!

Beverly Gackenbach

I hope folks in Hilton Head are reading this.

Jan Browning Parsons

This has been going on for many years and they are just now highlighting this? Wow! This isn’t something new. Or just now happening. It’s been this way.

Jamie Ackley Mervin

God bless them.

Samantha Stiles

A lot of people drive long distances to work. Get over it.

Jody Hawkins

I lived there for 10 years, 1986-1996. I respect these workers for their long journey to and from work.

Reva Fulton

I would much rather go to Charleston. About the same distance, much more opportunity and more money.

Randy Ryder

And they get paid the lowest wages. Something has to change.

Vanessa Love

I live on Hilton Head Island and always praise all the workers that come from afar. God bless them.

Apryl Gaudencio Vargas Valent

Lord help them all! I pray things get better.

Christina Pearson

If they could afford to live closer they probably would.

Amber Blakes

The real estate people have raised prices as if the financial depression is over. The wages are still the same as three years ago and the cost of living has been raised significantly and people are surprised there are no entry-level workers?

Ellie Stewart