Letters to the Editor

Letter: Do not invade private lives

I am considering canceling my 16-year subscription to The Island Packet. It appears that the Packet has become a tabloid more concerned about publishing titillating gossip and damaging people’s lives than publishing real news.

I do not subscribe to the paper to read articles about tawdry details of peoples’ lives that bring no necessary information to its readers. This type of writing damages individuals and families, whether the details published are actually fact or innuendo. There have been multiple “news” articles published about bankruptcy, divorce, child support, alcoholism and presumed affairs of local professional and public figures.

The editors and authors of these types of articles that intentionally invade peoples’ lives need to think about the terrible consequences of their sensationalism on the families they are smearing. What purpose does this serve? I often wonder whether the writers would want all of their dirty laundry published as fodder for the public? Shame on you.

Lynda Laff

Hilton Head Island