Letters to the Editor

Letter: Keep your hand on your wallet

Beaufort County Council and the school board are embarrassments to prudent and fiscally responsible taxpayers.

Unethical superintendent Jeff Moss wants a 1 percent sales tax with a retracted “wish list” that is incredibly being peddled as a tax decrease.

Now the county, with input from the city councils, wants 1 percent too. This would total a 33 percent increase in sales tax.

The Hilton Head Island mayor’s arts venue committee has a predetermined agenda, dreaming up ways to spend taxpayer money, including an unneeded $65 million art debacle. These types of expenditures are best left to private investors and donors.

It would total $282 million in a school district sales tax over 10 years, plus the annual property tax, for Moss. Let’s employ his whole family. Wow.

That’s hundreds of millions to a group with poor fiscal discipline.

This foolishness further depresses real estate values and kills retail sales, eroding the very tax base the local governments need. Low taxes invite more property buyers, raising values. High taxes have many unintended consequences.

City, county and school leaders would be wise to index increases/decreases of tax revenues on property values.

Keep your hand on your wallet and vote “no” on both tax increases.

Bob Gregory

Hilton Head Island