Letters to the Editor

Letter: Voters face dismal choice

American voters are facing a dilemma: do they vote for the evil witch of the past or go with the braggadocious dragon slayer who is making outlandish promises for the future.

The evil witch has not changed her approach for self-advancement in decades and continues to laugh at those who believe in her deceitful magic, all the time hoping that her displays of smoke and mirrors will continue to mystify the multitudes. Her most questionable performance is to offer the cart of welfare goodies for all those who feel disenfranchised and forgotten.

The Golden Boy’s co-mingling of common sense with rational judgment seems to confuse the masses, who appear unable to decipher hope from despair. His proclamations of doing well for the deserving, which in this case includes most breathing citizens, are almost too much to bear. The Golden Boy has to learn that to promise things the public has come to accept as unattainable is political suicide.

What used to make Americans exceptional was an admiration of the “Lone Ranger” concept; one that identified individuals as stand-alone giants, capable of taking care of themselves along with their loved ones. The wicked witch, with her magic, has made too many Americans a reflection of the incapable and inept: people who cannot do for themselves.

Hope might never arrive if citizens lack the backbone to ignore stereotype slogans and decide not to go for the promise of a better future. The future belongs to those who want to grow.

Clifton Jester