Letters to the Editor

Letters: Range of viewpoints necessary

The Lowcountry is inhabited by a wide range of diverse people — different ages, sexes, ethnicities, countries of origin, socioeconomic levels, education levels, and political persuasions. It’s the function of a newspaper to provide diversity in political views, rather than an echo chamber, to expose its readers to conservative, liberal, and moderate views.

It’s never wasted paper to educate or broaden perspectives. The lovely thing about reading is one can skip over sections that conflict with one’s predetermined worldview. You don’t eliminate or shift columns because a few readers don’t read them.

I don’t play bridge, but I would never consider asking the newspaper to remove that section to make my reading “more efficient.” I, for one, am pleased that this newspaper continues to present a diversity of local and national political views. Please, continue to educate, diversify, and provide a wide range of viewpoints for your readers.

Margaret Coons