Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tell school district ‘no’

Beaufort County voters, are you satisfied with the conduct of the Beaufort County School District superintendent and school board members? Or have they let you down? How important is ethical behavior and the expectation that these people will follow state law?

Are you satisfied enough to trust these people with a 10-year sales tax increase that will generate a predicted $300 million? Of that, $80 million to $100 million is open-ended and non-designated. It is excess money that amounts to a windfall slush fund. Are you OK with that?

This money will not and legally cannot be used to increase teacher salaries, provide classroom aides, or supplies.

The superintendent’s nepotism abuse resulting in community members stepping up to the plate because of the majority of school board members’ lax attitude toward his violation of state law and then his plea bargain is well documented.

So, if you feel the present school board members running for re-election are not capable enough to entrust all this money to, then vote against these people. Bring in fresh thinking for responsible oversight from our school representatives. Vote against this sales tax increase and wait until a more stable, functioning school board is in place and they present a Plan B to the community.

Lyn Piwko Bullard

Hilton Head Island