Letters to the Editor

Letter: Moss should lose his contract

I have no stake in the local education system, but after months of hearing about Superintendent Jeff Moss’s ethical dilemma, I feel it’s time to comment. Ethics, according to Webster’s, is also called a moral philosophy concerned with what is morally good or bad, right and wrong.

Moss has pleaded guilty to two ethics violations and a third (where Moss changed the nepotism rule) was set aside by the State Ethics Commission. His so-called public reprimand and the $3,000 fine is a drop in the bucket compared to his salary.

Moss by definition is the top educator in the Beaufort County School District. His demeanor, ethics and morality should be above reproach as an example to his students and employees.

Imagine what would happen to someone in a lesser position. To make ups some examples:

A teacher falsifies a student’s grades.

A principal uses school funds for personal use.

A school janitor takes home school cleaning supplies.

A teacher has an improper relationship with a student.

A student is caught stealing answers to the SAT’s.

The answer to these and other fictitious illustrations would be dismissal, prosecution, or expulsion.

Moss’s behavior as the top educator should have been above reproach but was not. His lack of moral turpitude should lead to cancellation of his employment contract. The fox should not be guarding the henhouse.

Philip W. Wolfe