Letters to the Editor

Letter: Employers must change status quo

I want to congratulate you on the great coverage on why Hilton Head Island is losing its workers.

I’ve lived here for over 33 years and have seen the growth, then stagnation, especially with the astounding growth of Bluffton.

Just a few years ago, I dropped off a young foreign summer employee from a grocery store, as she told me she had no transportation and she had to walk home. She was from Moldavia. This young woman invited me into her apartment, near where I lived, because she wanted me to meet her roommates. I entered her apartment to discover that the only piece of furniture was a bunk bed and that there were five or six air mattresses on the floor.

To say I was mortified would be an understatement. Like most residents, I turned a blind eye to what was happening.

I was thrilled to see that your staff recognized this huge problem, along with the daily commuters, and I hope this town will reevaluate what it means to be a “first class resort,” when a sort of “human trafficking” in the hospitality industry is undermining our status as a healthy, fun place to visit.

Why work here when you’re treated like second-class citizens, with minimal pay, little or no transportation and no perks. These “kids” who come here to work, wanting the “American experience,” go home disappointed.

Hopefully, some employers will wake up to what’s going on … and, change the status quo. One could only hope.

Susan Brainard

Hilton Head Island