Letters to the Editor

Letter: Liberals twist ‘hacks’ and ‘leaks’

What are the differences between a hack and a leak?

Let’s start with the time when Julian Assange and WikiLeaks were exposing NSA secrets based on leaked information from Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. They were providing a public service, or so went the liberal line. Whistleblowers who leak private information about government entities or corporations are heroic, providing the transparency we all desire to keep these organizations from taking unethical or illegal actions.

Yet, they say, the information obtained by a hack should not be published or shared or even reported on, because the hacker broke the law by illegally obtaining this information by entering into a restricted digital space. The leaker volunteers the information while the hacker steals it. Really?

What if the leaker signed a confidentially agreement not to share any information, as Manning and Snowden did? Did they not then break the law to obtain the information? What if someone physically enters into a restricted area at work and leaks this data to the media? Is this not theft?

It seems to me the liberals are once again talking out of both sides of their mouths. Why is this important? As Assange and WikiLeaks dump more documents that are critical of Hillary Clinton, this will be the No. 1 defense by her liberal allies and another reason to vote against her.

Joseph Iaco