Letters to the Editor

Letter: SC grading scale raises concerns

I attended grade school, junior high school (as it was called then) and high school in the 1940s and ’50s. The grading system was A: 96-100; B: 90-95; C: 80-89; D: 70-79; and below 70: F (failing).

According to recent article, South Carolina has adopted a 10-point grading scale to match the new national standard of grading. It has lowered South Carolina’s “A” range by 6 points and the “B,” “C” and “D” ranges by 10 points each.

Could these lower standards contribute in any way to the fact that so many of our students who earn high school and college diplomas are actually very poorly educated? Are we “dumbing down” our students by focusing on the lowest common denominator?

I present these remarks as questions, because I am not an educator. But I wonder how we expect today’s poorly educated young people to be successful leaders of our country in the future. Add that to the emphasis of “me,” particularly as evidenced by the overwhelming popularity of the social media, and I fear for our future.

Buddy Clark

Lady’s Island