Letters to the Editor

Letter: Schools travesty costs credibility

I recently emailed all members of the Beaufort County Board of Education about the superintendent Jeff Moss travesty. Later, after the repeated travesty, I emailed them again. All blocked me. So much for interest in citizen input.

If you have a way to get this to the majority, I would appreciate it. I know I overused “travesty,” but what better word is there? Debacle?

“I know some of you did the right thing, and I implore you to speak out publicly on the Moss travesty which stripped you of your credibility and casts a pall on the schools. I thought I’d seen it all in Illinois, but your group brings nepotism and irresponsibility right to our backyards. Hide your mirrors, and hope for a complacent or irresponsible electorate.”

Larry C. Gunn

Hilton Head Island