Letters to the Editor

Letter: America needs party of ‘yes’

For the past eight years, the Republican Party has been the party of “no!” When Sen. Mitch McConnell pledged not to allow the newly elected president to pass any legislation, they tried to do just that.

Never mind that the new president was smart, a student of history and the law, a former U.S. Senator whose heart was good and honest and that he supported the best interests of the people of our country; they tried to block every measure presented by him or the Democrats.

Despite this and the dire situation that was his lot as president — a country deeply in debt and in a financial crisis, plus a war on two fronts — he proceeded to shore up the country, bring it back to normal economic levels, remove us from these failed war efforts, and improve our lot at home and around the world. The Democrats in Congress helped as much as they could. His successes were amazing.

The party of “yes” has again selected a smart candidate of good will who is well experienced and prepared to take office and who will continue to advance the interests of people and business, the health of our citizens and our environment, and the stature of our nation as a world leader and example of democratic success. Hillary Clinton will do this with the help of Democrats in Congress. The Democratic Party will hammer out measures to meet our needs and solve problems.

Anne C. Pollitzer

St. Helena Island