Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hitler, Trump comparison flawed

A recent contributor wrote of learning from history, not repeating it. I suggest he learn from history ... repeating something often enough does not make it correct.

To the uninformed voter, the letter may appear persuasive, however, his initial and final comparison of Donald Trump to Hitler is patently false. Hitler never used the slogan “make Germany great again.” This statement has been shown to be false by Snopes and Truth or Fiction websites. It is, however, a defaming statement repeated over and over by the likes of Bill Maher in hopes that eventually, it be accepted as fact.

“Make America great again” was actually spoken by President Ronald Reagan and “Make England great again” by Margaret Thatcher.

The bulk of the letter merely iterates Germany’s history under Hitler, then concludes by restating “making Germany great again” led to its darkest moments, so the reader can infer the same will happen in the U.S. if Trump is elected. The premise is flawed, and therefore the conclusion is flawed.

Karen M. Weiner

Hilton Head Island